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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: The Right Side of Mr Wrong by Jane Linfoot

The Right Side of Mr WrongPublisher: HarperImpulse
Pages: 208 pages
Genre: Romance/Contemporary
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One-off, moving on sex, wasn’t meant to be this hot…

When determined singleton Shea Summers is persuaded to become the “wife” of the Lord of Edgerton Manor, the last thing she wants to do is play house with a stranger.

Brooding playboy Brando Marshall is far from happy when Shea turns up at his sprawling estate with production crew in tow. Surely she’s just another woman after his wallet? And if she’s looking for Mr Right, she’s definitely hitting on the wrong guy. Then again, after catching an unscheduled glimpse of her knickers, perhaps Brando needs to teach this “gold-digger” a lesson!

She’s seizing the moment, he’s breaking the rules, and when bad boys can be so much fun, who can resist getting on the right side of Mr. Wrong…

My Review:

Intro Babble: The first thing I noticed about this book was the cover. Those shoes! Completely superficial but I would buy the book just to gaze at those shoes. The storyline also seemed quite interesting even if the idea of reality TV gives me the creeps.


Heroine: Shea-I was delightfully surprised by Shea. She was less vapid than I thought she would be. Actually, she was extremely likable. She was interesting and, for such a short book, I think I really got to know her well.

Hero: Brando-I can't help it but his name is Brando. So when I think of him, I see Marlon Brando from On the Waterfront in my mind. I don't think there is a better image when thinking of a hero. Maybe Guys and Dolls Brando...? He also had a bit of the Darcy complex which just added to his awesome.

Chemistry: I loved Shea and Brando together. The have this really electric chemistry. I loved that it was Brando who was a bit wary of Shea. I am so used to seeing the heroine be the cautious one. I was really surprised at how much depth of emotion Linfoot was able to cram into Shea and Brando's story given the book is not all that long.

Chemistry Rating

Ending Babble: I really enjoyed this one. I think I enjoyed it so much because it was so focused on the romance and the main couple. There were no extraneous plots. The book was zoned in on Shea and Brando. It gave a great depth of emotion to their story that I really enjoyed. The reality show bit was a tad troublesome for me at the start but it's not a huge part of the story and I actually found that it worked well in the story.

P.S. I really don't like reality TV, if you can't tell by this review, but I loved this book :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Review: Dash of Peril by Lori Foster:

Dash of Peril (Love Undercover, #4)Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373778570
Pages: 480 pages
Genre: Series: Love Undercover-1,2,3
Buy this Book: Amazon, Indiebound, Powell's


A no-nonsense female cop reluctantly teams up with the one man who makes her lose control in a deliciously sensual new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster 

To bring down a sleazy abduction ring, Lieutenant Margaret "Margo" Peterson has set herself up as bait. But recruiting Dashiel Riske as her unofficial partner is a whole other kind of danger. Dash is six feet four inches of laid-back masculine charm, a man who loves life—and women—to the limit. Until Margo is threatened, and he reveals a dark side that may just match her own…. 

Beneath Margo's tough facade is a slow-burning sexiness that drives Dash crazy. The only way to finish this case is to work together side by side…skin to skin. And as their mission takes a lethal turn, he'll have to prove he's all the man she needs—in all the ways that matter….

My Review:

Beginning Babble-I should begin by saying that Lori Foster is one of the few authors my mother and I completely agree on. We both love her and this series. I have been looking forward to Dash's story and I am thrilled to say that I loved it.


Heroine: Margo- She was beyond awesome. She was independent, strong and so kickbutt. She also had a vulnerable side and a tragic backstory. It's nice to see a heroine not descend into the Mary Sue territory in order to be a strong character. She simply was awesome.

Hero: Dash-He's a very strong, alpha hero but he knows when to have his quiet moments. Don't get me wrong, he's as alpha as you can get in a book like this but he has a gentleness about him.I like that a lot. I seem to be able to tolerate gentler traits in my alphas in contemporaries than historicals for some reason.

Chemistry: There is so much to love about this couple. I love how Margo and Dash bring out the gentleness and vulnerability in each other. I also love how it was Dash who already had a thing for Margo. So often it's the heroine with a crush and it was nice to see a reversal of that.

Chemistry Rating: 

Ending Babble: I love this series—perhaps not as much as my mother does because she's a complete fangirl for all of the books in this series—but it does go quite high on my list of favorite contemporary romances. Lori Foster is excellent at creating likable characters and magnetic chemistry all while keeping the suspense plot interesting.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Review and Giveaway: California Thyme by Casey Dawes

California ThymePublisher: Crimson Romance
ISBN: 144058091X
Pages: 274 pages
Genre: Romance/Contemporary
Buy this Book: Amazon,Kobo, Barnes and Noble, iTunes


Caterer Mandy Parker doesn’t want to turn out like her mother, an aging bi-polar actress desperate for the love. Avoiding anything Hollywood-related is vital for Mandy’s sanity. Her ideal man has a nine-to-five job and coaches Little League—someone true to her and to their family, unlike her philandering Hollywood producer father. But when waitress shifts at Costanoa Grill are cut, she’s forced to find additional work as a movie caterer.

Since the woman he’d loved had married his best friend, movie set location manager James Lubbock has put women far behind advancing in his career. The assistant caterer is attractive, but he’s more focused on figuring out who was sabotaging his set. If he can’t determine the culprit, he’ll lose everything he’s worked for over the last five years.

Sparks fly between Mandy and James, but can they overcome their painful pasts to risk a chance on each other?

My Review:

Beginning Babble-I am officially in the middle of a reading slump of great proportions. Every books I pick up is all "Meh" and I am all sad. I don't even have a way out of it because I just finished my annual reread of Anne of Green Gables and that's usually my slump buster. So any slump busting reading suggestions would be very welcome. I am also happy to say that I read California Thyme way before my reading slump started and I really enjoyed it.


Heroine: Mandy-It took me a while to warm up to her. For some reason, I just had a bit of a disconnect with her. It happens. This was one of those rare cases where the heroine is perfectly okay--smart, reliable, likable with an interesting backstory ---but the reader--mainly just me-- just can't connect to her.

Hero: James-Now just as much as I was ambivalent about Mandy, I was so totally not ambivalent about James. I loved him. He was one of the most quietly awesome heroes I have come across in a long while. He was awesome--kind, sweet, nice guy. He had angsty bits in his past and they gave him some nice depth.

Chemistry-This is where it gets interesting. In normal cases, I usually end up not liking the book if I am all "meh" with either the hero or heroine in a romance. But this was completely different because while I may have had my issues with Mandy on her own, when paired with James she was perfect. They worked so well off of each other. They each had their own difficulties in the past that they had to work through and they had such great chemistry

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble-I started this book without an expectations. As I do with most authors I have never read before. I do my best to avoid reviews and such so I can form my own opinions without any noise. California Thyme exceeded all of my expectations. Even with my issues with Mandy. I loved the writing style, the characters, the character development.

About the author
Casey Dawes has lived a varied life--some by choice, some by circumstance. Her master’s degree in theater didn’t prepare her for anything practical, so she’s been a teacher, stage hand, secretary, database guru, manager in Corporate America, business coach, and writer.
With a few marriages, two sons, and three step-children, her personal life was a challenge when she met and married her current husband who has proved to be the love of her life. They reside in Montana where she quilts, writes, and coaches on the banks of the Clark Fork River. The couple has been adopted by two gently used cats.

Author Links

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Release Day Blitz: Seducing Mr. Right by Rebecca Rose

Keep an eye out for my review with another giveaway for a digital copy on April 2nd!

Jake leaned against the office door with a smirk and crossed his legs at the ankles. Fire built in her eyes at his obstructing her exit. He wondered what would send her into a blaze. “Yesterday when you were nursing me, I thought you were an angel.”

“I was. If it was up to those guys out there, you would’ve had makeup on your face and your finger nails painted.” She shifted. “I’d love to continue this conversation but I really need to leave, Jake.”

He laughed because she was so right on the truth. They would have done that and probably much more. “What about Trixie?” he asked her. A shy smile formed on her lips while an impatient hand pulled her purse strap tighter on her shoulder. Jake shook his head. “You knew there was no Trixie.”

“You deserved it.” She began to pace the room with jerky movements. “Your brother told you I was starting and now you’re trying to get me off the subject of my ex. Thanks, but I need to go. Move.”

He didn’t budge when she tried to get by him. Jake knew the need to get pent-up aggression out, so he let her shove him, smack his arms and hiss vulgar threats. “Do you know how to ask?”

“Move, damn it!”

She became increasingly more volatile with slaps and swears while Jake used his hands to protect himself. “Sophie, I’m going to ask you nicely to stop.” When she kicked him in the shin, Jake controlled himself from pushing her to the floor. “I understand you’re upset and I don’t mind you taking some of that out on me, but that hurt.”

Sophie growled at him, “I wouldn’t have to hurt you if you’d just move.”

“You need to calm down--”

“I do not need to calm down. I need to leave.” She tried kicking him again but Jake dodged it.

“Wow, you’re feisty. I’m going to ask you again to stop or I’ll stop you.”

“Yeah, right. Move, damn it!” She pushed at him with both hands and before she could get any more physical, Jake stopped her. He cuffed her wrists above her head with one hand and pinned her back against the door. The move left only mere inches between their vibrating bodies.

“Sophie, do you need help getting the stuff? Or maybe someone to come along and make sure you don’t do anything stupid?” When her eyes narrowed at him, Jake repeated the questions.

“I can control my temper very well, and there is nothing heavy I need to get, now let go of me.”

Jake tilted his head to the side and examined her still body. Lust shot through his loins for the woman before him. In reflex, he moved a little closer. “You know most woman would be frightened by me doing this to them.”

“Don’t even think about it, Jake.”

The warning he saw in her eyes had him thinking twice about placing that hand on her ribcage and slowly moving it up to mold her breast. It had been so long since he’d felt the pull of a woman that the urge became almost uncontrollable. Almost. With little control left, Jake reminded himself that he really didn’t need further complications in his life. Especially, the female kind.

“Would you like me to go along and scare the crap out of him? I don’t even have to do anything physical.” He saw her processing the information so he added, “It would make up for yesterday. Plus, I won’t have to worry about getting a call that you need bail money. That would ruin my day.” Without thought, his eyes roamed her curvy body. By the way she held herself he became certain she’d been a ballerina. Where she rested on her toes, they were pointed. Her body was stretched up farther then would be comfortable for someone without training and she held her head with an unmistakable eloquence.

“Okay,” she said with a husky tone. “Now will you please let me go?” When he did, she socked him in the gut with her right fist. Despite his toned abs, the air rushed out of Jake’s mouth.

“What the hell was that for?”

“Today and that flower comment. Also, don’t ever touch me like that again.”

The seriousness in her face was real and Jake found himself too shocked to say a word. Years of training in combat situations and this woman planted a right hook to his gut that he never saw coming.

“Okay, Jake. Let’s go.” She picked up her purse and sashayed out of the office. Jake stood where he was for a moment processing the fact that a woman just got the best of him. In disbelief he was struck dumb. Empty to all thought except, next time be more alert and thankful she’s not the enemy.

About the Author:

Once Rebecca Rose picked up her first romance novel she knew her destiny was typed on those pages. She lives to find romance in ordinary life doing everyday things, by believing you just need to be conscious enough to look for it.  While being slightly dyslexic has created some challenges for her, she feels compelled to write about the characters living in her head.

With multiple books out, she is a full-time writer with a nagging muse who even talks obsessively in the car. That is of course, when the voice can get a word in edgewise with her three children and husband of 17 years.
Social Media Links:WebsiteFacebookTwitterGoodreads

Buy Links:

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Review: The Last Time I Saw You by Eleanor Moran

The Last Time I Saw YouPublisher: Quercus
ISBN: 1623651336
Pages: 496 pages
Genre: Fiction
Challenges- TK
Buy this Book: Amazon, Indiebound, Powell's


When Olivia Berrington gets the call to tell her that her best friend from college has been killed in a car crash in New York, her life is turned upside down. Her relationship with Sally was an exhilarating roller coaster, until a shocking betrayal drove them apart. But if Sally really had turned her back, why is her little girl named after Olivia?

As questions mount about the fatal accident, Olivia is forced to go back and unravel their tangled history. But as Sally’s secrets start to spill out, Olivia’s left asking herself if the past is best kept buried.

My Review:

It’s been a while since I have read a non-romance. Sometimes you need a break even from something you love so much. And this was the perfect choice for my romance novel break. It was so very good.

Olivia was a someone I liked almost immediately. She was unassuming and kind of quiet. At times, she did come across as a bit wishy-washy. But her voice was so strong and I couldn’t help but identify with her.  Sally, Olivia's deceased college friend, on the other hand, I had a more difficult time with. The type of person who hates when attention is focused on anyone but them and who can cut off a friendship with even the slightest reason. But Sally's story is told from  I found it particularly interesting that I was able to identify with both women.

I walked into this book not really knowing what to expect but I ended up really enjoying it. I really enjoyed the exploration of friendship—especially the friendships you form when you are young and just figuring yourself out and often those friendships just fall by the wayside as you mature. I loved the unraveling of the friendship between these women and the mystery behind Sally's fate. It was a mystery in a not-mystery way but still really quite a bit of a mystery and I really loved it.

About the Author:

Eleanor Moran is the author of three previous novels: Stick or TwistMr Almost Right and Breakfast in Bed, which is currently being developed for television. Eleanor also works as a television drama executive and her TV credits includeRome, MI5, SpooksBeing Human and a biopic of Enid Blyton, Enid, starring Helena Bonham Carter. Eleanor grew up in North London, where she still lives.

Twitter: @EleanorKMoran
Eleanor Moran’s Website:


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review and Giveaway: To Love a Highlander by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

To Love A Highlander (Scandalous Scots, #1)Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 1455526223
Pages: 400 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical/Highlander
Series: Scandalous Scots
Challenges- TK
Buy this Book: Amazon, Indiebound, Powell's, B&N, iTunes


As one of the bastards born to the Stirling court, Sorley the Hawk has never known his mother or father. It's a burning quest he has devoted himself to uncovering at any cost. But as a roguish warrior who serves at the pleasure of the King, his prowess-both on the battlefield and in his bedchamber-is legendary. So when a flame-haired Highland lass sneaks into his quarters with a tantalizing proposition, he can't resist taking her up on her offer .

Lady Mirabelle MacLaren will do anything to keep from marrying her odious suitor, even sully her own good name. And who better to despoil her than his sworn enemy, the one they call "Hawk?" As they set about the enjoyable task of ruining her reputation, Hawk and Mirabelle soon learn that rebellion never tasted so sweet.

My Review:

Beginning Babble-I must confess something. I read this book while in hiding at a child’s birthday party. I know. I know. Not nice. But it was either read the party away or collapse in tears and exhaustion. This book was a great companion. It kept me distracted and was an excellent read at the same time.


Heroine: Mirabelle-Mirabelle was one of those heroines that I really liked and for the life of me I cannot tell you a reason why. I just liked her. She was kind, smart and brave. I loved how she was willing to take her fate into her own hands. She wasn't willing to blindly marry the first creeper who chased her. The girl has moxy and I love that.

Hero: Sorley-Oh boy was Sorely an amazing hero. He was such a good guy. So sweet and gentle. Don't get me wrong. He had his rough and tumble side to but overall he was honorable to the extreme. I liked Mirabelle a lot but this book was all about him. He goes on my list of Life Ruining Heroes with Mr. Darcy, Gilbert Blythe and Derek Craven.

Chemistry- Mirabelle and Sorley were just...perfect. They worked well together. Their personalities complemented each other. They had a bit of a past together and that added a nice aspect to the build-up of their relationship. They had a bit of angst to them and I definitely loved that.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble-I haven't had a clunker of a book for a while and, to tell you the truth, that has me worried. Because when it happens, I have a feeling it is going to be epic. I did love this one. The writing was excellent. I love how vivid and lifelike Welfonder's characters are. The secondary characters are just as amazing and Sorley and Mirabelle. I love that there is also a bit of humor to balance it out. I sometimes need that bit of a chuckle when reading a book. Especially when you are reading a book in the middle of a children's birthday party and someone—not me although it was a close call-- is throwing a fit in the middle of the ball pit.

About Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Sue-Ellen Welfonder is a Scotophile whose burning wish to make frequent trips to the land of her dreams led her to a twenty-year career with the airlines.
Now a full-time writer, she's quick to admit that she much prefers wielding a pen to pushing tea and coffee. She makes annual visits to Scotland, insisting they are a necessity, as each trip gives her inspiration for new books.
Proud of her own Hebridean ancestry, she belongs to two clan societies: the MacFie Clan Society and the Clan MacAlpine Society. In addition to Scotland, her greatest passions are medieval history, the paranormal, and dogs. She never watches television, loves haggis, and writes at a 450-year-old desk that once stood in a Bavarian castle.
Sue-Ellen is married and currently resides with her husband and Jack Russell terrier in Florida.

Learn more here: Website, Twitter, Facebook

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Review and Giveaway: The Seduction of Miss Amelia Bell by Paula Quinn

The Seduction of Miss Amelia Bell (The MacGregors: Highland Heirs, #1)Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 1455519510
Pages: 416 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical/Highlander
Series: The MacGregors: Highland Heirs
Challenges- TK
Buy this Book: Amazon, Indiebound, Powell's, B&N



Edmund MacGregor will do anything to save Scotland from English rule-even kidnap Lady Amelia Bell for ransom. As the daughter of a duke and the chancellor's betrothed, she's the perfect pawn in this game. But from the moment he first lays eyes on his spirited captive, he can't resist stealing a kiss . . .


Lady Amelia's duty is to marry well, but that hasn't stopped her from fantasizing about true love. So when a sexy Scot appears in her home, she's beguiled. When he kidnaps her, she's furious. Yet as Edmund introduces her to a world of passion beyond her wildest dreams, can she leave her family behind for this handsome Highlander? And will Edmund risk the only true home he's ever known to capture the heart of this lovely lass?

My Review:

Beginning Babble-I have been lacking in the Highlander romance category lately. They are some of my favorites but the mood had not struck me.  


Heroine: Amelia-She was quite an interesting heroine. She seemed to be very placid and calm but she was like a duck on the water. Calm on the surface but beneath is a flurry of activity. She was also very loyal to her family which is something I really love to see.

Hero: Edmund- I loved him too. And for the most part, I am not even sure why. He was dreamy. In the same way that a character like Mr. Darcy is dreamy. He has a few moment of “Why did you do that?” but for the most part, he is a genuinely good dude. His presence just leapt off the page.  

Chemistry-I loved that they were so dedicated to their own causes,Amelia to her family and Edmund to Scottish independence, and remained dedicated to them even while falling in love. I find that quite often in romances, the hero and heroine start out with these strong beliefs but let them fall by the wayside when a pretty shows up. It wasn't the case here. Not even a little bit and I really loved that.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble: I really liked this one quite a bit. I found the romance to be perfectly paced, the characters to be engaging and the storyline entertaining. I also adore Paula Quinn’s writing style. It’s engaging yet authentic.  I did have some moments towards the middle of the book where I felt my interest waning but I was quickly drawn back in—and I think it was caused by my oncoming illness.

About Paula Quinn New York Times bestselling author Paula Quinn lives in New York with her three beautiful children, three over-protective chihuahuas, and a loud umbrella cockatoo. She loves to read romance and science fiction and has been writing since she was eleven. She loves all things medieval, but it is her love for Scotland that pulls at her heartstrings. Learn more here: Website Twitter Facebook

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Butterfly by Elle Harper

ButterflyPublisher: Createspace
ISBN: 1494492377
Pages: 258 pages
Genre: New Adult/Romance
Challenges- TK
Buy this Book: Amazon


Grace Elliot is falling apart. Overwhelming tragedy has turned her world into a dark and lonely place. Facing the pain and the ghosts is impossible. Hiding her secret behind a mask of confidence and living a lie is the only thing she knows how to do. She’s alive…but not living.

Counsellor Ben Hardy is certain he can help Grace heal. Maybe it’s a way to rid himself of the demons haunting him from that one horrific night when his life shattered.

When they meet, everything changes, and their pasts offer them a remedy to save each other…until Ben's traumatic history threatens to destroy the trust they’ve built.

Will the truth tear them apart? Or will it force them to understand the healing power of forgiveness and love.

My Review:

Intro Babble-I am not going to lie. I did not know what to expect from this one. I glimpsed at the opening scene when I downloaded the book and I knew it was going to be a difficult one. Not in a bad read kind of way but in a 'oh boy...the angst" kind of way. And it lived up to every single one of my expectations but it was good.


Heroine: Grace--Aside from the fact that this is a namesake book...which I greatly appreciate...I loved Grace. I did. She starts the book so very broken but she comes into her own gradually throughout the book. Her story was stomp on your heart sad but the strength in her journey was amazing and admirable.

Hero: Ben-I usually like the rakes, the bad boys...and Ben was so far from that. He was a sweetie-pie. A genuinely good dude who has had some not nice things happen to him but has maintained his kindness and goodguyitude. And oh boy did I love him. I've been liking quite a few nice guy heroes lately. Perhaps, I should rethink the rakes for a bit?

Chemistry-I just wanted to bottle up Ben and Grace and keep them with me forever. They were sweet and a bit angsty. They both had such tragic backstories that I thought their story together could potentially get muddled but it never did. Their pasts only helped to enhance their connection.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble: I think I was a bit in love with this book from the first page. The book opens with a rather visceral flashback and as scary as it is, it gripes you and drags you right into the story. I made an immediate connection to Grace and I kept reading because I wanted to see her end up happy. I wanted to see them both end up happy. I also very rarely enjoy alternating perspectives but I did in this case because Harper was able to capture both voices so well.
Follow the rest of the Tour
elleharper About the Author

Elle Harper is the pen name of Bestselling author Sibel Hodge. She is the Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author of Fourteen Days Later and Be Careful What You Wish For. She has 8 cats and 1 husband. In her spare time, she's Wonder Woman! When she's not out saving the world from dastardly demons she writes an eclectic mix of romantic comedies, mysteries, thrillers, children's books, and non fiction. | @sibelhodge

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Book Blast and Giveaway: Better Date Than Never Box Set by Susan Hatler

Susan Book Blast

Better Date than Never Boxed Set (Books 1-6) 
This book bundle includes six contemporary romance novellas from the bestselling series, Better Date than Never. Dating is so much easier when you have good friends to lean on. . . .

(Love at First Date, Book #1) 
Ellen may not believe in storybook love, but it’s about to rewrite her  life. . . .

(Truth or Date, Book #2)  BDtN Box Set
Truth or Dare is all fun and games until a spontaneous dare has Gina falling for the office playboy. 

(My Last Blind Date, Book #3) 
Should Rachel risk another dating disaster by trying yet again for love? 

Save the Date, Book #4 
Kristen swears off men, but temptation swoops in when her sexy friend Ethan starts flirting with her. 

(A Twist of Date, Book #5) 
Will Melanie have to follow her best friend’s narrow dating rules in order to find lasting love? 

(License to Date, Book #6) 
Kaitlin agrees to five dates in five days only to fall for the mysterious bartender who’s there to witness them all.

Buy the Box Set (on sale for .99¢ from March 24-30)-

Amazon,iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Amazon UK


Susan Hatler Bio:

Susan Hatler Author Photo Susan Hatler is an international bestselling author who writes humorous and emotional contemporary romance and young adult novels. A natural optimist, she believes life is amazing, people are fascinating, and imagination is endless. She loves spending time with her characters and hopes you do, too. You can visit her website at

You can find Susan at: Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, her site and blog

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: Much Ado About Jack by Christy English

Much Ado About Jack (Shakespeare in Love, #3)Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402270518
Pages: 312 pages 
Genre: Romance/Historical/Regency
Series:  Shakespeare in Love-1,2
Challenges- TK 
Buy this Book: Amazon, Indiebound, Powell's


How to Become London's Most Notorious Widow:
1. Vow to NEVER remarry
2. Own a ship and become fabulously wealthy
3. Wear the latest risqué fashions in your signature color
4. Do NOT have a liaison at the Prince Regent's palace with a naval captain whose broad shoulders and green eyes make you forget Rule #1

Angelique Beauchamp, the widowed Countess of Devonshire, has been twice burned by love, and she is certain that no man will ever touch her heart again. But that doesn't mean she can't indulge a little—and it would be hard to find a more perfect dalliance than one with the dashing Captain James Montgomery.

After a brief torrid affair, James tries to forget Angelique and his undeniable thirst for more. The luscious lady was quite clear that their liaison was temporary. But for the first time, the lure of the sea isn't powerful enough to keep him away...


My Review:

Intro Babble: I always feel awkward reading a book when I’ve missed a previous book in the series. This is one of those cases. The heroine in this one was the mistress in the first book of the series. I found this out before I started the book—because I am weird and I like spoilers—and I kind of regret it because I walked into this book with a negative impression of Angelique. It was a completely wrong impression because she was amazing and I loved her.


Heroine-Angelique-As I said, I walked into this book with a bad impression of Angelique. One that turned out to be completely wrong. And kind of judgy. I feel terrible about that. It took about a chapter for my opinion of Angelique to do a complete 180. She is one of the best heroines I have ever come across. She is mature, intelligent and possesses an inner strength rarely met in a heroine. She has her issues but she is rarely weakened by them and I absolutely loved her for that. I identified with her in a way that completely shocked me. 

Hero: Jack-I was quite surprised by how much I liked Jack. Not in the same way that I was surprised by how much I liked Angelique but more in the “I didn’t like you at first” way. He seemed sort of boring at first. I couldn’t make a connection to him and he seemed a bit stale. But I eventually started to like him. He had a nice depth to his character but it took me a bit to get there.

 Chemistry-I’m not sure how I thought this was going to work out but I thought this one would be angsty and one of those painful reads—not that I don’t love books like that. But I loved Jack and Angelique together. They just worked well together. I was actually a bit surprised at how well because I was expecting more conflict. They were the perfect mix of angst and sweet. 

Chemistry Rating:
Ending Babble: As I said in my review of Love on a Midsummer Night, I am not the biggest Shakespeare fans on the planet. I know. I know. It makes me a bad person. A bad reader. A bit of a dolt. But I have come to accept it. But I loved this book even with the Shakespeare connection. Just on the basis of Angelique alone. I have never made a connection to a heroine in a romance novel in that way before. Add to that the fact that the hero was also great, the story was well written and engaging---and there we have it, the first reading highlight of the year. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Once a Seal by Anne Elizabeth

Once a SEAL (West Coast Navy SEALs, #2)Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402268939
Pages: 384 pages
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Military
Series: West Coast Navy SEALs-1
Challenges- TK
Buy this Book: Amazon, Indiebound, Powell's


A Hero of Her Own

What woman hasn't dreamed of what it would be like to marry a Navy SEAL? Dan McCullum is everything Aria has ever imagined—sweet, strong, and sexy as hell. She just never expected how tough the SEAL life would be. Dan could be gone at a moment's notice and not allowed to tell her where he's going or when he'll be back.

Dan has never backed down from a challenge in his life. But this one is his hardest yet. How does he balance his duty to his country with a soul-deep love for Aria? It's going to require patience, ingenuity, and some of the hottest homecomings he can dream up. Because for him, this isn't a fling: this is forever...

My Review:

Intro Babble: I find myself a little conflicted with this review because I still haven't quite been able to make my mind up about this one. So, I am going to type up this review and hope that I come to some conclusions by the end.

I was really looking forward to Once a SEAL. The first book in the series, A SEAL at Heart was excellent and I was expecting to love this one just as much. And in some ways, I did and, in others, it fell a bit short.


Heroine: Aria-I wanted to like Aria. I really did. But she sent me into a rage state more than once. She is constantly bitching, moaning and whining about her husband...why he's not there, why he leaves...various things that she should have figured out when she married a SEAL. I know it's not easy on the wives. But Aria knew what she was signing up for when she married Dan and she kept giving him grief about it. I spent the book in near constant frustration with her. She did rebound towards the end but by then, my opinion of her was pretty much set in stone.

Hero: Dan-Dan was less of a problem for me. I really liked him. He was such a strong and steady character. He dealt with Aria's insecurities with ease and compassion. His lack of anger at her calmed my anger at times. There were some times, however, where I just wanted to jump into the story and tell him to move along and find someone who could better deal with his job and the lifestyle that comes along with it.

Chemistry: I loved how this book kind of started in the middle of Aria and Dan's story. We don't get to see their beginnings and their courtship. I found it interesting because the marriage is the part of a romance novel that is usually left to the imagination. We get the falling in love part but not the stuff that comes after that. So I found it so compelling that we see the “after the happy ending” stuff. The adjustments and conflicts that have to happen for a married couple to work was extremely interesting for this singleton. I do wish I liked Aria more because this would have been a cupcake read if I had liked her even a little bit more.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble: So here is my conflict. I loved how the book was executed and written but the heroine made me want to pull my hair out and eat it like spaghetti. I loved everything else from the hero to the writing to the storyline. So I guess, my conclusion with this book is that you have to take the good with the bad. The stuff you like with the stuff you don't. I will still continue on with this series because I love Anne Elizabeth's writing style and I love SEALs.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: Must Love Dukes by Elizabeth Michels

Must Love Dukes (Tricks of the Ton, #1)

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 140228599X
Pages: 344 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical/Regency
Series:  Tricks of the Ton
Challenges- TK
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The Mad Duke leaned in closer, his lips gently brushing her ear, and whispered, "I dare you."

She Can't Resist the Dare

Lillian Phillips could not imagine how her quiet, simple life had come to this. Blackmailed by the Mad Duke of Thornwood into accepting one wild dare after another...all because of a pocket watch. Desperate to recover her beloved father's pawned timepiece, Lily did something reckless and dangerous and delicious—something that led to a night she'd never forget.

He has a Reputation for Scandal

When Devon Grey, Duke of Thornwood, runs into a mesmerizing, intoxicating, thieving woman who literally stole from his bedchamber—with his new pocket watch—Devon plots his revenge. If the daring wench likes to play games, he's happy to oblige. After all, what's the ruse of being the Mad Duke if you can't have some fun? But the last laugh might just be on him...

My Review:

Beginning Babble-Elizabeth Michels is a new to me author but I was already predisposed to loving her books because the cover to this one is absolutely beautiful. The plot also sounded great but I am shallow and the cover is awesome. I was very happy to find that the book lived up to its cover in every way.  


Heroine: Lily-I really loved Lily. She wasn’t perfect. She had her moments of being judgmental and stubborn. But her imperfections only served to make her more human and realistic. It balanced her out.

Hero: Devon-I loved him as well. He was a bit naughty and had a little bit of sneaky snake tendencies but I really did loved him. Again, his faults were perfectly balanced out with his better qualities. In Devon’s case he had a kindness and sweetness about him that I really appreciated. 

Chemistry-I loved Lily and Devon together. Lily had some points where she annoyed the life out of me though. I mean, you don’t agree to marry a complete nodcock because the man you really want to marry, who also wants to marry you by the way, because he has some business dealing with your evilpants brother. Never mind that Devon was in near financial ruin but yeah hold that grudge.

Chemistry Rating:

Ending Babble: I just love it when I come across a new author that I just love and want to own every single book by her. I feel that way about Elizabeth Michels and this book. Everything about it worked perfectly. The writing was perfect, the characters were almost perfect and the storyline was better than perfect. I highly recommend this book. So very highly.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: R is For Rebel by Megan Mulry

R Is for Rebel (Unruly Royals, #4)Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
ISBN: 1402270038
Pages: 334 pages
Genre: Romance/Contemporary
Series: Unruly Royals-1,2,3
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Being royal isn't all it's cracked up to be...
Abigail Heyworth, youngest daughter of the 18th Duke of Northrop, is not your typical British royal—she'll take a recycling drive over a charity ball any day. She can't stand hats and heels. Abby's not getting much sympathy, of course, because everyone thinks the life of royalty is so charmed.
But to Abigail, keeping up appearances is unbearable, while running away doesn't seem to work either. Just when she feels like she's getting whiplash from swinging between flat-out rebellion to miserable capitulation, Abigail meets an all-American self-made millionaire who challenges her on every level.
It may turn out that what Abigail is searching for kind of resembles the American Dream...

My Review:

Ending Babble: I've been following this series.  The first book, A Royal Pain, was pretty epic for me. I loved it. The second book, If the Shoe Fits, was a bit “meh” for me. I was hoping that this series would rebound. And it did. In a big giant way.


Heroine: Abigail-She has been one of my favorite characters in this series since the start. The only issue when starting this book was in my mind, I knew her as a bisexual and I shipped her with Tully. It was a bit of an adjustment that I had to make to see her with anyone but Tully but once I did, it worked.

Hero: Eliot- He started off so well. He was sweet and a bit goofy and everything sweet and kind. But towards the middle of the book, I just ended up wanting to slap him really really hard—I won’t spoil. But thankfully, he rebounded from that. It was a rough go for a moment there though. Overall, he was probably my favorite hero in this series.

Chemistry-I was really surprised at how much I loved Abigail and Eliot.  Especially considering how much I loved her with Tully.  It's not easy divorcing yourself from a ship that you love.  But I did it.  Abigail and Eliot were also more angsty than I thought they would be.  They put me through some unexpected emotional trauma.  I may still be recovering. 

Chemistry Rating:   

Ending Babble: R is For Rebel has definitely rebounded the series for me.  I loved does about everything about it.  It's one of my favorite contemporary romance series. I love how lighthearted this series is but it can bring the drama at the right points. It’s perfectly balances. I can't wait to see where Megan Mulry goes with this series. This whole series is definitely highly recommended.

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Feature & Follow Friday (February 21)

It's been a while since I have done one of these but the question for this week is perfect because I've cried over books this week--in public.

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Reviews Posted This Week: 

What was the last book that made you cry?

I have two books that have made me cry—perhaps weep may be a better word---lately. One is an annual reread and the other is a favorite romance

Anne of Green GablesAnne of Green Gables-it wasn't even the scene that makes most people cry. It was the part where Matthew goes to buy Anne her dress with puffed sleeves and bumbles his way through it. I was just struck by his kindness and generosity and I just couldn't stop myself from bursting into tears. Mind you, I was reading on my Kobo in a doctor's office at the time. Matthew...all the feels...all of them.

Never a Gentleman (The Drake's Rakes, #2)Never a Gentleman by Eileen Dreyer-This book is...difficult. Not in a bad way but there are some scenes that just make your gut turn inside out. There is a scene towards the middle that would make anyone cry because you just feel so terrible for the heroine and you want to beat the hero up with a pipe and them stomp on his face for good measure...while crying of course because the heroine is awesome. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Jill Shalvis, author of Once in a Lifetime

Top 5 Reasons Jill Shalvis Thinks Owning a Bookstore Would Be AWESOME

1. Could read every single day.
2.  Could read every single day.
3. .  Could read every single day.
4. .  Could read every single day.
5. .  Could read every single day.

(Note from Grace: This makes total sense. It's also a great reason to become a librarian)


 Aubrey got a look at the man she’d inadvertently drenched and stopped breathing. Oh, God. Had she really thought her day couldn’t get any worse? Why would she tempt fate by even thinking that? Because of course things had gotten worse. They always did.

Ben McDaniel slowly stood up from his barstool, dripping vodka from his hair, eyelashes, nose… He was six feet plus of hard muscles and brute strength on a body that didn’t carry a single extra ounce of fat on him. For the past five years, he’d been in and out of a variety of Third World countries designing and building water systems with the Army Corp of Engineers. His last venture had been for the Department of Defense in Iraq, which Aubrey only knew because Lucky Harbor’s Facebook page was good as gospel.

He swiped his face with his arm, deceptively chill and laid-back.

In truth, he was about as badass as they came.

Aubrey should know, she’d seen him in action. But she managed to meet his gaze. Cool, casual even. One had to be with Ben, the man could spot a weakness a mile away. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“Are you?”

She felt herself flush. He’d always seemed to see right through her. And she was pretty sure he’d never cared for her. He had good reason for that, she reminded herself. He just didn’t know the half of it. “Yes, I am sorry,” she said. Her heart was pounding so loudly she was surprised she could hear herself speak. “Are you okay?”

He ran his fingers through a sexy disorder of sun-streaked brown hair. His eyes were the same color, light milk chocolate marbled with gold caramel. It was hard to make such a warm-colored gaze seem hard, but Ben managed it with no effort at all. “Need to work on your aim,” he said.


Once in a Lifetime (Lucky Harbor #9)SOMETIMES WRONG IS OH-SO-RIGHT
After a wrenching loss, Ben McDaniel tried to escape his grief by working in dangerous, war-torn places like Africa and the Middle East. Now he's back in his hometown and face-to-face with Aubrey Wellington, the hot-as-hell woman who is trouble with a capital T. Family and friends insist she's not the one to ease his pain, but Aubrey sparks an intense desire that gives Ben hope for the future.

Determined to right the wrongs of her past, Aubrey is working hard to make amends. But by far, the toughest challenge to her plan is sexy, brooding Ben - even though he has absolutely no idea what she's done . . .

Can this unlikely couple defy the odds and win over the little town of Lucky Harbor?

About the Author:

 New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill's bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold and visit her website for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.
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