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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Musing Monday (March 23): Favorite Place to Buy Books

Another awesome Musing Monday question from Rebecca at Just One More Page. It's about my favorite places in the whole wide world--BOOKSTORES!

How many bookstores do you frequent? Do you have a favourite? If so, which one and what makes it so?

I am a chronic book-buyer and when I buy I tend to buy in bulk. My favorite in-person places to buy books is the Clove Lake Book Store on Staten Island. I grew up going to this bookstore and it the best place in my hometown to browse. I could spend hours in there. When I am in NYC, I love the Strand. It's like a treasure hunt. I have never been so distraught as when I found out they were closing the Strand Annex. I also love Library and Estate used book sales. You never know what you are going to find. I also go to Barnes and Noble because there aren't that many good bookstores on Staten Island and B&N has the best selection.

My favorite online bookstores have to be Alibris and Amazon Marketplace. I tend to prefer the Amazon Marketplace because you can't beat a book for a penny. I love both places though.


  1. I'm blessed with many local indies so I try to support them. :)

  2. Matt:

    I only have one independent store in my town. I'm kind of jealous.


    I love Barnes and Noble as well. I don't like their online store very much but their store on Staten Island is one of my weekly stops.

  3. Amazon has such great bargains but delivery to Australia is just far too expensive.

  4. I share your love for Amazon Marketplace. Those penny books, $4 with the shipping, no, you can't beat that.

    And then, I don't really love my local buying choices.

  5. I missing having a really great independent store to browse. The Strand... sigh.

  6. That is such a lovely name, 'Clove Lake Bookstore'. Mine is Waterstones.

  7. Definitely can't beat a book for a penny! :) I tend to buy lots of used books online, too, but I still love going to my local Borders.

  8. If I'm buying dead tree books online I try to buy what is not available in my local bookstore because shipping to my country would be rather expensive, other than that I prefer to buy Ebooks online :)

  9. Desert Rose:

    I don't like ebooks very much. I have horrible eyes and computer screens kill me (don't have an ebook reader). I still like the feeling of a paperback though.



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