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Monday, May 18, 2009

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (May 18th)

Hosted by J. Kaye @ J. Kaye’s Book Blog
The Cradle-Patrick Somerville
Scranton’s Mayors-David J. Wenzel
Reading (in this order):
Life is Like A Line-Cynthia M. Sabotka
Who Do You Think You Are?-Alyse Myers
My Lord John-Georgette Heyer
All of Me-Lori Wilde
Up Next:
The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane-Katherine Howe
The Only True Genius in the Family-Jennie Nash
Drood-Dan Simmons
A Worthy Legacy-Tomi Akinyanmi
My Lord John-Georgette Heyer
The Girl She Used to Be-David Cristofano
A Gentle Rain-Deborah Smith
Healing Luke-Beth Cornelison
The Darcys and the the Bingleys-Marhsa Altman
The Plight of the Darcy Brothers-Marsha Altman
My Cousin Caroline-Rebecca Ann Collins
Darcy and Anne-Judith Brocklehurst
Apologize, Apologize-Elizabeth Kelly
Great Expectations: The Graphic Novel
The Lacemakers of Glenmara-Heather Barbieri


  1. I read Marhsa Altman's book and really enjoyed it! Hope you do too. :)

  2. I'm looking forward to Drood. And who made a graphic novel of Great Expectations?? That sounds fascinating!

  3. Hope it's a good reading week!

  4. Wow impressive list. I've just finished A Worthy Legacy, & Drood is on Mt TBR lol
    Here's my post

  5. Wow, that's an impressive list.
    Happy reading :)

  6. I read The Girl She Used to Be and really enjoyed it. Hope you do too.

  7. J. Kaye:

    I can't wait to read it. I have been pining for a Austen sequel.


    They are great. I did a review of the Jane Eyre one. The artwork is beautiful.




    I am looking forward to it. It has been on my TBR pile for months.



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