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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All of Me by Lori Wilde

All of Me
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 0446502057
Pages: 400 pgs
Genre: Romance/Contemporary
Challenges-Read’n’Review Challenge, 100+ Reading Challenge

Publisher’s Description

Can two broken hearts become one?

Attorney Jillian Samuels doesn't believe in true love and never, ever wished for happily ever after. But when a searing betrayal leaves her jobless and heartbroken, a newly inherited cottage in Salvation, Colorado, seems to offer a fresh start. What she finds when she arrives shocks her: the most gorgeous and infuriating man she's ever met is living in her home!

Tuck Manning was a gifted architect who left a skyrocketing career to care for his dying wife. But the life he's made for himself in this quiet town is turned upside down when Jillian appears on his doorstep. Tuck won't go without a fight, and the two resolve to live as roommates until they can untangle who owns the cottage. Yet as Tuck and Jillian's days--and nights--heat up, they realize more than property rights are at stake...and that sometimes, salvation comes when you least expect it.

My Review:

I have to say that I was not expecting much from this book. I expected a sweet little romance novel. One that I could read quickly with little effort and forget as quickly as I read it. I found that this was for the most part true except that All of Me will not be easily forgotten.

My favorite type of romance novels are the ones where the lead couple has a contentious relationship that eventually develops into something romantic (guess where that comes from). I call it the Lizzy/Darcy complex or when I am in a fan-ficcy mood Snape/Hermione complex. Tuck and Jillian from All of Me are the perfect example of that type of romantic plot. The tension between them is palpable and I love that you can tell that behind every fight or disagreement is an intense attraction to each other.

It is very unusual for me to like all of the characters in a book. Especially in a romance novel. Usually one of the main characters make me want to pull my hair out in annoyance. I found that this is mostly not true. On a few occasions both Jillian and Tuck have episodes of misery wallowing that got my hackles up but for the most part I really liked both of them. I also really liked the secondary couple of Evie, Tuck’s sister, and Ridley, her husband. They were so sweet and definitely made up for the times I was annoyed with Jillian and Tuck.

Another major attraction to the book is the small town feel that permeates the novel. You feel as if you are a part of the town just watching the events go by.

I read this book in one afternoon. It is a quick and fun read. It is perfect for the summer. I want to read the rest of the Wedding Veils series once my huge pile of To Reads shrinks a little. I would recommend All of Me to any reader looking for a quick read with a lot of romantic tension and interesting characters.
*A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for review. My opinion is my own and has not been influenced in any way and any monies made from associate or affiliate accounts are recycled back into the blog.


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