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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adagio Tea: Ginger Tea

I just bought my yearly (might be monthly from now on) tea shipment from Adagio Tea. I was totally and completely enthralled with this company. They sent me my shipment in less than two days with free shipping, packed beautifully and with a couple of free samples. They also have a point system where you can earn points towards a free gift certificate (if anyone wants me to send them a free gift certificate, just request it in the comments with your email).

This is the first time I am trying Adagio Teas. I have been buying from a variety of other companies but haven’t found the “right” tea flavor or quality until I tried Adagio Tea. No other company I have bought from has come close to the quality of tea, service and variety that can be found at Adagio Tea and trust me I am quite picky with my tea.

One of the biggest plusses is their packaging. The teas come in these adorable containers (first pic). The other company I bought from used bags and it was a pain. I had to transfer all of my teas to Tupperware containers and it drove my mother crazy. She says she still hasn’t gotten the tea smell out of her precious Tupperware and she really hates tea.

The first tea I tried was the Ginger Tea. I was really excited about the Ginger Tea. When I opened the container, I was expecting a very faint ginger smell but what I smelled was an intense yet not too spicey smell. It smelled exactly like real ginger. The other ginger teas I have tried have smelled and tasted like a ginger snap cookie and I hate ginger snap cookies.

When I brewed the tea I was expecting the smell and taste of the ginger in the tea to fade but it did not. If anything the smell of ginger got a little bit stronger. The taste of the tea was very balanced. The taste of the ginger, while quite prominent, does not overwhelm the taste of the tea. It is also one of the only teas I have found that smells and tastes almost exactly the same. Usually when I find a tea that has a really great smell to it, I find that the taste leaves quite a lot to be desired. Not true with this one.

This tea was perfect with two sprinkles of sugar and maybe a touch of milk, if you like milk in your tea. I steeped mine for four minutes because I like my tea a bit stronger. This is the perfect tea for curling up with a book. I really wanted a fireplace and wintertime when drinking this tea.

I think I am going to try their Chocolate Chai or Cinnamon tea tonight. I haven't decided.

Please visit Adagio Tea to peruse their wide selection.

Grade-A+-Click here to purchase 4oz of this tea

*This tea was bought by me for me. I am not making any profit from my review of this book other than my enjoyment.

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