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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog Tour: A Worthy Legacy-Tomi Akinyanmi

A Worthy Legacy

This is my first ever blog tour and I am so excited. A Worthy Legacy is an excellent book and you can find my review here .
As my children, grow, it’s amazing to see how in what seems to be a short while, that little baby that was born just yesterday starts to sit, starts to crawl, starts to eat real food, starts to walk and then starts to talk. I especially like the period when they learn the difference between yes and no. From that moment they seem to realize their independence and every question seems to evoke an automatic “no” from the tiny lips of a toddler.

When they first learn to fix their buttons and the day they put on their shoes for the very first time, the way their eyes brighten up with pride at the realization that “I can do it myself”. After watching various episodes of Dora the Explorer with his sisters, the first day my little son put a regular cup to his lips and finished his juice without spilling any, he carefully placed the cup back on the table and celebrated around the house with a victory dance shouting “I did it, I did it” at the top of his lungs. Every accomplishment since then has been celebrated in pretty much the same way with him hopping and shouting “I did it, I did it” all around the house. Just the other day, I saw the same show of pride in another toddler about my son’s age, while visiting a friend. This made me realize just how important it is for everyone of us to feel independent.

Yesterday, as I watched my baby do his little dance, I tried to think back to my childhood in search of an instance when I did my own victory dance. I couldn’t remember any of that but I did remember episodes when I desired to be independent and in charge of making my own decisions. I remember particularly when at about 10 years of age I had been angry at my parents for choosing to send me to a boarding school which was about 30 minutes away from home when some of my good friends were going to be farther away. They had tried to explain how they felt a school closer to home was more beneficial for me since they could be there faster if need be. . It wasn’t until much later that I could make sense out of their argument at the time and agree with their decision. Until I was old enough to understand the reason behind their decision, I was angry at them. While there have been other decisions which I think they would have made differently if given another chance, I have never for once doubted that their decisions, were made with the very best of intentions and nothing but my welfare in mind.

There certainly comes a period in our lives somewhere between childhood and adulthood when we realize we are being allowed to actually make our decisions. We see that there are no more punishments for refusing to do all the things the adults in our lives tell us to do. We see that we are being left to choose what we would. At that time we feel truly independent and in charge of our life. However, you then discover that there is some truth to what the adults say and some wisdom to what they give as their reasons for making particular decisions. Even though not everything you’ve heard all through your childhood might seem like the right reason for you; somehow, you learn to discern right from wrong and you find that by rote you are able to separate the truth from the fallacies. As you start you to do these, you begin to define who you truly are. Also you begin to identify your values, and start to decide the things that are really important to you. This is the point in your life when you become an adult.

Living life generally but especially as an adult doesn’t seem easy at times but there are lessons we learn that make life easier to live. We learn from our experiences as well as from the experiences of the people around us; families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. We read books, read biographies, read memoirs, watch movies and learn from them as well. These lessons from life encourage us on each day. They urge us on, fill our hearts with hope, inspire us and constantly challenge us.

“A Worthy Legacy” is the story of the lessons one old man has learned from life. While on his death bed, this man shares the secrets to his long life and happiness. Holding forth on subjects from character to perseverance, he speaks without fear or regret to the family he leaves behind urging them to pay attention to the lessons of life that they like him may live life to the fullest. An intensely personal story with a powerful universal resonance, readers will discover the secrets to achieving their dreams, happiness and love. The story of “A Worthy Legacy” is very inspiring. Its wisdom has been a source of guidance to me for years.

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