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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Desire You, Mr. Sony PRS-300

I did a similar post a while back about the Kindle and I have to say...Sir Kindle you have been replaced by a younger, flashier, better dressed Mr. Sony PRS-300. There really is no other point to this post other than to say the following...

The minute I read the email about this beautiful new device, I imagined sitting on those uncomfortable subway seats and pulling out my sexy, Navy blue or Rose (I haven't decided yet) Sony PRS-300. I  would immediately be the envy of all the surrounding passenger (probably in bigger danger of being mugged) but I wouldn't care. You ask why? Because I wouldn't notice. I would be in another world, with the book of my choosing. I would also be the object of device envy which has always been a particular dream of mine. That must be a wonderful and powerful feeling. I have never known that type of feeling. I carry a mammoth Strand bag full of novels. Not that I don't love my Strand bag but it does get a little heavy---okay a lot heavy. Another pipe dream but a girl can hope...or wait till graduation or some other special occasion.

 I will have you, Mr. Sony PRS-300, and you will be my best and most loved companion.

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