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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Musing Monday (August 17th)

How do you react to movies made of your favourite books (or even not-so-favourite books)? Do you look forward to seeing them, or avoid them? Do you like to have read the book before seeing the movie?
Some of my favorite movies are based on books. Little Women, A Little Princess, A Secret Garden and Atonement are some of my favorites. Now that I think of it most of my favorite movies were based on books. I also find that if I hated the book, I will have the movie. It doesn’t matter who directed, who is starring, or how pretty it looks. I will still hate the movie. Like with The Da Vinci Code. I hated the movie even though Audrey Tautou, one of my favorite actresses, was in it.
I don’t necessarily go see them in the theater because I am claustrophobic and tend to have panic attacks in theaters. Not so fun for other people. I wait for it to come out on cable or DVD. I also don’t have to read the book first. I am attracted to movies based on books whether or not I have read the book. I haven’t read The Lovely Bones but I am dying to see the movie when it comes out (on cable).


  1. I mostly watch movies from DVD and cable. It's just more comfortable for me then in the theaters. I read The DaVinci Code and saw the movie. I thought both were okay, but that's about it.

  2. I prefer movies on DVDs - I just don't like big crowds of people. When I go to the movies, I NEVER go on opening night/weekend!

    Here's my musing...

  3. Little Women and A Little Princess are favourites of mine for the same reason.

    And I didn't know they were doing a movie of Lovely Bones, I'll have to keep an eye out.

  4. What about Angels and Demons? I like the book better.

    There will be a movie on Lovely Bones? Can't wait! I haven't read the book yet though.

  5. Yvonne: I didn't like either the books or the movies. I was forced to both watch the movies and read the books for a class. It was horrible. Thanks for commenting.

    Susan: I never go to the movies. Scared of the dark and claustrophobic. Not a good combo. I prefer to watch movies at home and on my comfy couch.

    Rebecca: Those are two of my favorite books and movies.

    They are making a movie. I am not sure when it is coming out but Peter Jackson (LOTR) is directing and Mark Wahlberg and Rachel Weisz are starring. I'm pretty excited.

    Judys424-I didn't like Angels and Demons either. Anything that Dan Brown has anything to do with, I pretty much am guaranteed to hate.

  6. I love theaters...

    but not usually movies from books. I just think they rarely live up to the book and they often change too much of the casting is so contrary to how i picture the characters...
    but I will still most likely go see The Lovely Bones..the trailer looks interesting. I loved the book but will take the chance.

  7. I'm always indifferent going into the movie. I kinda expect the screenwriter to have butchered the book. But, it's actually less often that I'm disappointed by those adapted screenplays than I anticipate.

    BTW, I have an award for you. :)

  8. browngirl: It seems more often that I am disappointed in the directing and casting than anything else.

    Thanks for the award. I'm off to pick it up. Congratulations on your first award!



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