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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Updates to Review Policy

As you can tell, for the past month I have been revising my review policy. I have two updates to share.

#1-I have decided that I want to expand my blog to include product reviews and features. I love my books but I think adding product reviews would add a new range to Grace’s Book Blog and I also love doing giveaways so this will open the door for more of them. I also like writing product reviews, so, it’s beneficial for all. Most of these product reviews will have been purchased but if anyone wants to send me a product for review (I still have more teas to review), here are my likes and dislikes:

Will Review-Food (I’m a sweets addict), Drink (Teas and Coffees are my favorites), Gadgets and tech (I’m a secret computer geek, so, any gadget will likely send me to heaven), Jewelry(I’m an Etsy addict),  Novelties, Book related products, Art supplies, some clothing items (shoes, purses stuff like that).

#2-I have opened up an Amazon Associates account. I am not really looking to make money from this blog. I think having my own space to mess around online is enough. I also like how it makes finding the books I review more convenient to find on Amazon and helps promote the books and authors even more.  The pictures of the cover will link directly to the Amazon page.


  1. I am curious. Do you have more information on the Amazon associates account? How exactly do book reviews help to promote authors you like?

    Sounds like a good idea to review other things apart from books. You will be providing more variety to your readers, and possibly extending your readership.

  2. Publicity is publicity I think. I know that if I see a positive review on a blog, I will be more likely to buy the book. Usually the books I buy are the books I find through other book blogs.

    Here is the link for information about Amazon Associates . I can't explain it any better. Basically if someone using one of the links in my reviews, I get a very small portion. Nothing really. I am just trying it out for a bit but it a little spare change would be nice. lol.



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