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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Salon-9/20/09

Well, this week has been a bit crazy. Actually really crazy. Between BBAW and school, I don’t know which way is up. I found so many new blogs through BBAW that are now clogging up my already clogged Google Reader. I also bought about 20 young adult books for a class on YA lit which I’m debating my ability to finish. To say the least I am a bit overwhelmed and have been living in a constant state of fog for the past week. This happens to me at the start of every semester but it usually fades around the end of the first month. I am so glad it is my last semester.

This week was an okay reading week. I finished four books and got two reviews posted.
  • To Serve Them All My Days-R.F. Delderfield
  • Falling Into The Sun-Charrie Hazard
  • Wintergirls-Laurie Halse Anderson (liked it)
  • Bending Toward The Sun-Leslie Gilbert Lurie (Loved it-Honor Roll)

Next week is going to be a huge reading week for me. I have three Austen sequels to read and review as well as another Delderfield book. I am also going to try and squeeze in some YA’s for school.
  • God is An Englishman-R.F. Delderfield (halfway done)
  • A Match For Mary Bennet-Eucharista Ward
  • The Honorable F. Darcy- Sara Angelini
  • The Other Mr. Darcy-Monica Fairview

I still have decide what YA books to tackle this week. I’m really excited about the reading week this week What is everyone else going to be reading and doing this week?

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  1. Let me know about the Austen sequels. I'll be interested to know on them. I've heard mixed reviews. Sounds like you've picked good books so far.



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