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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon Hour 18 Update

I have just finished Sexy. It was awesome as most Joyce Carol Oates books are. I think it is just about my time to turn in. My eyes are klling me and I just glances at the pages of what was to be my next book and saw blurriness. Tis a sign that Gracie should stop reading and start sleeping. I finished a total of 9 books. More than I have ever read in one day unless I was on jury duty. I had a blast reading all day. I want to thank everyone who commented on my blog and cheered me on. It really helped.
  • Thinner Than Thou-Kit Reed
  • This Lullaby-Sarah Dessen
  • The Book Thief-Markus Zuzak
  • The Work of Wolves-Kent Meyers
  • Truth & Beauty-Ann Pratchett
  • Donorboy-Brendan Halpin
  • Candyfreak-Steve Almond
  • How I Live Now-Meg Rosoff
  • Sexy-Joyce Carol Oates

Total Hours read-13

Total Books Read-9

Total Pages Read-2841

Up Next-The Land of Nod


  1. Good work on a great reading day! I really like a lot of the books you read, particularly The Book Thief. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and have a very good, deep sleep :-)

  2. WHOA look at all those pages and books read! Definitely impressive. Good night :)!

  3. ReadaThon ReadaThon ReadaThon! When you get tired or the eyes go funny just chant for a bit. I find it helps! Happy Reading!

  4. You did such a great job!!

    Cheerleader Staci

  5. Fantastic job during the Readathon! 9 books is amazing! Congratulations.



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