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Monday, December 28, 2009

Sony Reader RIP

I try to avoid personal posts because, well, I am not very good at them but something so tragic, so heartbreaking has happened to me this weekend that I an finding it hard to restrain myself.
As you may remember, I posted recently about my new Sony Reader that I received for Christmas. I was overjoyed, I was thrilled. I loved that thing almost as much as I love just about anything. This sounds all happy and shiny, right? Well, it was all awesome until the ultimate tragedy happened.
It was early in the morning. I had just finished my coffee and was going for my habitual bottle of water. I did not realize the cap was not secured tightly. I did not grip the bottle tight enough and water spilled all over the table. Not such a big problem right? Well it wouldn’t be unless my Sony Reader was sitting on the table right next to me waiting for me to be done with breakfast to curl up and read. Me being stupid and in a panic, pushed the power button which shorted the battery which killed my brand new, fully loaded baby.
This would perhaps not be so bad if I could go out and buy a new one. Maybe even upgrade to the Daily Edition but no every single place is sold out. Best Buy doesn’t even know when there will be another shipment and frankly, I don’t want to wait. I know this was my mistake but I want another one. I may have to convert to a Kindle, not because I want to because I don’t, but because the Sony Reader is nearly impossible to get right now. I sound like Veruka Salt but why can’t they supply enough to meet the demand of idiots who drop water and thereby destroy their brand-new Sony Readers and want a new one.


  1. This is awful and sad! I'm so sorry!

  2. Oh, honey. This is a true tragedy... have you tried Target? Don't go over to the Dark Side of the Kindle if you can avoid it. And once you get a new reader, holler. I'll send you a copy of The Demo Tapes (you can pick which one: Year 1 or Year 2; they're independent of each other).

    Hang in there!

  3. Susan: Every store in the NYC area is completely sold out. I called them all. I'm going to order the Daily Edition, I think. Thanks so much. I will definitely let you know when I get a new one.

    Miss Remmers: Aww thanks. I think it was my last major "Doh!" moment of the year. i just hope I can get a new one soon.

  4. Aww...that's such a horrible thing to happen. Hope you get a replacement soon.

    Also wishing you a very happy and joyful 2010.

    Take care :)

  5. Oh no! I've been in that coffee, water, and too close e-reader scenario many times. I'm surprised I haven't spilled anything on it yet. I hope you get a replacement soon.

  6. Nishita: Thanks :) It made me so sad but it provided me with an opportunity for an upgrade to the Daily Edition.

    Happy New Year to you as well.

    Stephanie: I have learned that I must avoid all liquid when around technology. The ereader was the latest to die in the midst of my clumsy. I just ordered the Daily Edition but I will have to wait about two weeks for it.



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