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Friday, December 11, 2009

Update to Review Policy

I have to update my review policy again. This is getting tedious but it is a good thing, I promise. I just got my new Sony Reader Touch Edition,so, I am opening up submissions for e-books. I will still only accept books that I think will appeal to me in some way and all other parts of my review policy still apply but I will now accept e-books in all formats.
Will Read: E-books,literary fiction, historical fiction, romances, classics, Jane Austen sequels, some self-help, some political (moderate to liberal only). I will review self published books.  I am not particular about violence or sexuality. Generally, I will read anything. Give it a try you never know what I may like and what I won’t.
Won’t Review:  politically conservative books, racist or sexist books, Christian books, any type of religious books, books about the economy or the recession, economics, science, health, math.


  1. I think it's a good idea to review from time to time. I really should do that myself!

  2. That sounds like fun. Lucky you for getting an ebook reader. Nice idea to set aside guidelines and review books. We should all have barriers of what to read and not to read.



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