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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (Southern Vampire Mysteries Bk 1)

Dead Until Dark (Original MM Art) (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)
Publisher: Ace Trade
ISBN: 0441019331
Pages: 336 pgs
Genre: Romance/Paranormal
Challenges-Read’n’Review Challenge, 100+ Reading Challenge, Vampire Series Challenge

 Publisher’s Description:

Sookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out....

Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn't such a bright idea.

My Review:

I have to be honest…I would not have picked up these books without watching True Blood first. Vampires have never really been my thing. I hated Twilight until really recently and I mean really recently. Like this week type of recently. But, all of a sudden, I watch True Blood, read these books and watched the Twilight movie and every single book I buy has some sort of supernatural creature in it. Is that the way the obsession starts?

Sookie was such a treasure of a character. She was smart, spunky and an active heroine when she really could have just played the damsel. For some reason, this translated so much better in the books than in the show. I can definitely see myself following this series for 10 or more books. That’s strange for me because I tend to putter out interest wise after the 3rd book. I think that is purely because I really, really like Sookie. Her voice is strong throughout the book and she never descends into whiny, weak behavior like some heroines.

Now, I must mention that I am firmly an Eric/Sookie shipper. I like to think of Bill as just a bridge to get to the good stuff. However, he wasn’t so bad. He is no Eric but he was an adequate hero for now. He was tall, dark, handsome and, most importantly, broody. Usually that’s exactly my type and he kinda is. Eric plays a minimal role but I still love him. The latter books where he plays a much larger role will definitely be more appealing to me. I also really liked Sam. It is going to kill me to say this but I really hope Sookie ends up with Sam when the series is done. He is the most loyal and genuine out of all of her potential suitors. For some reason, I just can’t help cheering for the good guy and Sam is the best guy out of the bunch.

I am so glad that I picked this series up despite my avoidance of all things vampire. It was the perfect mix of action, romance, mystery and drama. It was one of those books that I couldn’t wait to get back to when I had to put it down.
*This book was bought by me for me. I am not making any profit from my review of this book other than my enjoyment.


  1. Welcome to the Sookie madness :) Until December, I was also a sceptic like you, now I crave me some Sookie!

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