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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday Salon (February 21)

I am so sorry for my absence this week. I had the flu. Yuck. It put me out of commission for most of the week. Every time I felt better, it came back. All books that I was planning on reviewing for this week were pushed back to next week. So basically, I have spent my week medicating myself and watching Olympic curling (which is awesome by the way…Go Canada!..and Sweden).

My illness also gave me time to think about this blog and it’s future direction and some changes that I want to make. I know it’s strange to change or alter your blog’s focus once your more than a year into it but…I can’t help it. Thanks to this blog, I have been reading much more. My reading total went up from about 50 books in a year to circling around 90. That’s quite alot. Perhaps due to my increases reading, I have been reading more of certain genres than others. Mainly, Young Adult fiction and romances (including Jane Austen sequels). I took a class on Young Adult literature at Pratt and it just sparked my interest and I have always loved romance novels.  Both of those genres are so dynamic and interesting. I am not going to stop reading and reviewing adult fiction but I am going to focus mainly on YA and romances. Every book I have currently for review will be reviewed, I promise that, but I would like to have more focus in the future.

2)I have also been thinking of starting a weekly event. I know that last thing we need is another but I am a listmaker…it’s almost compulsive, it really is. So my idea is to have a topical list meme every Friday called Five For Friday. My inaugural meme will be this Friday with Top 5 Classic YA Novels. I will take suggestions for topics. I hope you will all participate. :)

Books Finished This Week:
Absolutely Chocolate-Editors of Fine Living Magazine (e-book)-review coming on Monday
Reviews Posted:
A Christmas Carol: Special Edition-Stephen Skelton
Books Reading:
Once A Witch-Carolyn MacCullough (e-book)
Before I Fall-Lauren Oliver
Recollections of Rosings-Rebecca Ann Collins
Up Next:
Highlander's Sword -Amanda Forrester
Cowboy Trouble - Joanne Kennedy
Captivity-Deborah Noyes
Twilight series-Stephenie Meyer-I know, I know. I have recently discovered a love of the werewolves in the book. Especially Jacob, Quil and Paul. I also think Jasper is smushy. I have been converted.
Books Acquired:
Need-Carrie Jones


  1. Glad you are better and have a long term plan for your blog! I'm still reviewing a variety of books.

  2. Book Dilettante: I am still debating with myself whether I want to declare it a focus of the blog or just pick up more YA books. I am not sure that I can give up reading everything as well. I still need to think about it, I guess.

  3. I still vary in my book selections, and so far, have not wandered over into those "twilight" books! Not my thing, I'm sure. I did see one of the movies with my grandson...

    My salon is here:

  4. I was never into the Twilight books either. I don't know. It just started up recently. I've tried to break myself of it. I may just be infected. :(



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