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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday Salon (March 15th)

This week has been more of the epic blah. I am in a funk. I must admit it now. Not reading-wise. That has been going well. It is more in the life factor. I am currently in the middle of a job search. I am desperate to remain in NYC but it seems most jobs are in other states and I am simply unwilling to leave. I also have some editing work that is hanging over my head right now and it is..well not stressing me out…but it is in the back of my mind at all times.

I know you are not here to listen to be gripe. reading week…was fricken awesome! My reviewing week…well…was not. I only posted two reviews but I have finished reading all three books I started last week and have started three more. I am on a roll and it feels darn good.

I am also contemplating starting a new meme called Five For Friday where we would list our favorites of a certain topic or genre(whether it be bookish or not). I figure it could be a good way to get reading suggestions and ideas. What can I say? I am a list maker. Would anyone be interested in participating in a meme like that?
Reviews Posted:
The Highlander’s Sword-Amanda Forester
Raven Stole the Moon-Garth Stein
Guest Blogs:
Amanda Forester
Finished Reading-
Once a Witch-Carolyn MacCullough (e-book)
All Together Dead-Charlaine Harris
Currently Reading:
From Dead to Worse-Charlaine Harris
A Certain Wolfish Charm-Lydia Dare
The Foundling-Cynthia Harrod Eagles
Never Tell Our Business to Strangers-Jennifer Mascia

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  1. It's great that your stress didn't interfere with reading. I'm thinking that reading helps relieve stress sometimes...distracting and all.

    That Friday Five meme sounds intriguing.

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