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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The 48 Hour Book Challenge: Saturday


First of all, I must apologize to my followers. At about 3:30am, I clicked something by accident and published a Test post that I had in my drafts folder from way back in the beginning when this was "Grace's Book Blog". I'm sorry. My brain was fried.

I’ve decided to create a different posting for each day because it will help me keep track of what I’ve read each day. I’ve decided that the cut off will be 3am because that is my normal bedtime and the prototypical end of my day.

So, I finished Twilight yesterday. Review to come sometime today. I have no idea what my opinion is yet. I was all enthralled with it but still had some ick feelings. I need to ruminate.

Overall, I am very pleased with my progress in this challenge. I have barely missed any time and the only time I missed was when I conked out at around 5am. I did read for about an hour before I fell asleep. Here is my progress for today:

4-5am-1 hour-read up to page 80 in Need
5-7:30am-accidental sleeping
8-9am-listening to Little Women while running morning errands-1 hour-Got to Beth's death-cried while at Starbucks
9-10am-continued reading Need-got up to page 100-1 hour
10am-11am-still reading need up to page 125-1 hour
11-12pm-still with Need. Up to page 200-1 hour
12-1pm-Need still- Page 250
1-2pm-Still reading Need-Page 275-1 hour
2-3pm-Finished Need, Started Captivate-Page 10-1 hour
3-4pm-Dinner, Continued with Captivate-page 25-30 minutes
4-5pm-Captivate pg 88-1 hour
5-6pm-up to page 125-1 hour
6-7pm-up to page 200-1 hour
7-8pm-page 233-1 hour
8-9pm-page 263
9-10pm-Finished Captivate. Oh my Lord was it good. Review drafted. Moving on to Lament by Maggie Stiefvater-20 pages in.
10-11pm-Lament 75 pages in
11-12am-Lament 125 pages in
12-1am-Still reading up a storm. I want a Luke of my own. Page 163 1 hour
1-2am-Still reading. Up to page 195 1 hour
2-3am-Tired so will try to sleep. Probably will keep on reading with my insomnia. Had Sweet Potato Pie Tea. Was delicious. 1 hour of pure unadulterated obsession with a book. LOVING Lament. The review will glow.


Time Started: 1:00 PM Friday
Time Now:3:02 AM
Hours Total: 34 hours 30 minutes
Hours on Saturday (starting at 3am): 21 hours 30 minutes
Pages Total:1317
Books Finished: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, Need by Carrie Jones, Captivate by Carrie Jones,
Lament by Maggie Stiefvater page 240


  1. I was commenting at around that magic a.m. hour, and I'm afraid that I was getting a little loopy myself. But was still a little fun to be up then because of reading - of all things. Good luck!

  2. I always get worried when I comment on other people's blogs early in the morning. I get really inappropriate when I am tired. lol. I am a night owl so I have had to ban myself from commenting after 1am.

  3. Yep, I have read it about twice before. I am a bit ambivalent about it.



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