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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seduced by the Wolf by Terry Spear

Seduced by the WolfPublisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402237537
Pages: 416 pgs
Genre: Romance/Paranormal/Shapeshifters
Challenges-Read’n’Review Challenge, 100+ Reading Challenge
    Summary (from Publisher):
    His first priority is to protect his pack...
    Werewolf pack leader Leidolf Wildhaven has just taken over a demoralized pack. With rogue wolves on the loose causing havoc and the authorities from the zoo suddenly zeroing in on the local wolf population, the last thing he needs in his territory is a do-gooder female, no matter how beautiful and enticing she is...

    She'll do anything to help wolves...
    Biologist Cassie Roux has dedicated her life to protecting wolves in the wild. On a desperate mission to help a she-wolf with newborn pups, the last thing Cassie needs right now is a nosy and entirely too attractive werewolf pack leader trying to track her down...
    With rogue wolves and hunters threatening at every turn, Cassie and Leidolf may find their attraction the most dangerous force of all...
    My Review:
    Cassie Roux, a wolf biologist, has dedicated her life to the protection of wolves in the wild. Her current focus is the mission to rescue a she-wolf and her newborn cubs. Taking her focus away from her rescue mission is Leidolf Wildhaven, the pack leader desperate to make her his mate, as well as rogue wolves causing havoc and zoo authorities with an eye for the local wolf population.

    Cassie was an interesting heroine. Interesting as in she annoyed me quite a bit but yet I still liked her. She was so stubborn and single-minded. Every time I thought she got close to Leidolf, she scampered away. She always managed to run away and get herself, and Leidolf, in heaps of trouble. I do, however, find it strange that the characteristics that I find annoying in Cassie are characteristics that figure prominently in my own personality. It says something about me, doesn’t it? I loved Leidolf. He was the typical alpha. Intelligent, demanding, with quite a bit of machismo. I loved how he was so protective of Callie and his pack. He also had a scampy sense of humor that I loved..

    My favorite part was the depth that Spear goes into about wolf behavior and pack dynamics. Wolves are my favorite animals and I have always been a bit curious about them. Spear really went into great detail about wolves and their behavior.  Spear obviously did a great amount of research about wolves and it is very obvious in this book. Generally, the writing was very good. There were times, mainly during the sex scenes, where I felt it got a smidge repetitive but generally it was not a problem and I found Spear’s writing style to be quite pleasant and engaging.

    As soon as I finished this book, I quickly went out and bought the earlier books in the series. Seduced by the Wolf was a great read and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.
    *A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for review. My opinion is my own and has not been influenced in any way and any monies made from associate or affiliate accounts are recycled back into the blog.


    1. Grace, I'm thrilled you loved the book, so much so that you wanted to read the rest of the series! And more to come!!! That is always an author's greatest hope! This story was based on a case of a real wolf biologist finding a she-wolf and pups alone, trying to keep them alive after her mate was killed. And it had a happily ever after! It so touched me, I had to write the she-wolf's story in Seduced by the Wolf. I've also shared pictures of wolves on my blog, and an announcement of new wolf pups located in Oregon, if you want to check the stories out! :)
      Terry Spear's Blog

      Thanks again! :)

    2. Hi Terry! Have the new book and can't wait to start it! I'm sure its as great as the others I've read so know it will be a 5 out of 5!!!
      Keep the books coming, and if you haven't read Terry's stuff should! Forget the vamps..werewolves are the way to go now!



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