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Monday, September 13, 2010

BBAW Interview Swap: Rebecca from Beck's Book Picks

imageIt am so thrilled to be able to post my interview with Rebecca from Beck's Book Picks. I love her blog and this interview resulted in me putting all of Victoria Dahl’s books on the wish list from Hades.
  1. Tell me a bit about you and your blog.  I am an avid reader and aspiring writer. I have written my first book and I am in the stages of editing it. I started my book blog a few months ago, just to put my reviews out there for others to read. I have been fortunate to read some great new authors because of this book blog.
  2. What inspired you to start a blog? Before you started blogging, how did you keep track of all the books you read I was inspired to start book blogging specifically, because I have a family site and I started to feel like me talking about books on there was overwelming my posts about my kids.  Before blogging and I do still keep a simple notebook where each month I write down each book I read and the year. I try to be organized about it since I am not to keen on re reading a book that I might not have liked.
  3. What was your best blogging day? Your worst? best blogging day, hmmm, each day! I love posting reviews and getting feedback from others on what they think of my review or hearing their thoughts on the books I have read. Worst day, probably a day where I don't get too many visitors.
  4. If you were limited to a library of only 5 books, what would they be and why? Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl. Its my favorite "dirty" romance books and hits all my "likes". The Pact by Jodi Picoult. It's a must read.  Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught. It was one of my first books I read of the historical romance time and I loved it. Welcome to Temptation and Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie. Those two can always highly entertain me.
  5. If you were stranded and alone on a desert island, which character would you want to be stuck with you? Which character would you knock out with the nearest blunt object? Edward Cullen (and hopefully he wouldn't kill the others, lol), Fia from Much Ado About Marriage by Karen Hawkins. I just highly liked her as a character and thought, if I knew her we would be great friends.  Ben Lawson from Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl. Not sure which characters I would knock out. Probably any of those super whiney characters from some of the chick-lit series I have read.
  6. Everyone has those book that make you want to weep because they are so bad (mine is The Da Vinci Code), what’s yours? I think I weep the most at a book that is bad when I have read raving reviews about it and I can't wait to read it. Then I sit down and hate it and want to cry for wasting my money on it!
  7. If you could give one piece of advice to a new blogger out there, what would it be? Review like crazy the genre of books you like and define who you are on your  blog. I am a new blogger too, only at 4 months. However, use the memes at the beginning to get followers and find blogs you like. Be sure to make you blog about more then memes and make sure your voice is heard on the blog. Its yours, so make it yours.
  8. Proust!
  • Favorite word: "like" or according to those around  me, I use this word too much. 
  • Coffee or Tea: coffee 
  • Twilight or Hunger Games: twilight (have not read hunger games) 
  • Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte: Jane Austen 
  •  Favorite Scent: I like sweet smells. Not sure of a favorite.


  1. Thanks so much! It was so much fun getting to know you! I love your new blogger layout.

  2. @Rebecca

    Aww. Thanks so much. I'm happy you like it.

    It was awesome getting to know you as well :)

  3. I love your blog. It is so cute and friendly.

  4. Cute interview, I'm having so much fun reading these and getting to know other bloggers!



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