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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guest Blog: Clare Austin, Author of Hot Flash

Hot Flash
Thank you for having me on your blog today. 

From the back cover of Hot Flash

Kate Aiello has spent her entire life trying to please others—her three brothers, her Italian mamma and her husband of twenty-five years. Now, she is turning fifty, facing divorce, and not coping well with her body’s unexpected thermostatic aberrations. The plane truth hits her with each hot flash—she has never been first in anyone’s life, including her own.

 Brandon Sullivan is a man desperate to save himself from impending financial ruin. He is grieving the death of his wife and in jeopardy of losing his horse farm. The promises he made to his wife on her death bed not only bound him to succeed at the sport they both loved: she made him vow to allow himself the possibility of falling in love again. 

Sparks fly when Italian attitude meets Irish temper. Add two big crazy families, a barn full of horses and one woman’s menopausal hot flashes and the probability for combustion increases exponentially. 

What will Kate and Brandon risk for a second chance at love?

This has been a year of new experiences for me. My first novel, Butterfly, released last August, followed by Angel’s Share in March. Before I had a chance to catch my breath, Hot Flash became available this July. I was in Dublin, enjoying the last few days of a romantic month in Ireland, at the time I received the email every author waits for from the conception of the idea for a story to the birth of that beautiful baby with the shiny cover art. 

Hot Flash was the third book I had written in my very first year of writing romantic fiction. I wanted this to be a book with tantalizing love scenes, emotion, humor and pathos.  I have to admit I didn’t know the “rules” and I wrote what my heart dictated.

Heroines are supposed to be young, beautiful, strong, fresh and not fifty, newly divorced, confused about life and faced with starting over alone.  Naively, I decided that we… women over a “certain age”… needed a romance for us. The rumor that a woman over forty has more chance of being abducted by terrorists than she does of finding a hot guy, I refuse to accept.

After my first two sales, my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, asked me if I had any other completed work. I did a bit of editing, spruced it up a bit and offered Hot Flash to the Last Rose of Summer imprint.
If you have ever stopped and considered how much you give of yourself without a thought to nurturing your own needs, you will have empathy with the heroine of Hot Flash.  

For the first time in her life, Kate Aiello decides to do something completely selfish. It is not a decision based on being a devoted daughter, a perfect sister, a selfless mother and faithful wife. It is new territory for this gracious woman who has spent her entire life putting others first. Kate wants to be frivolous, spontaneous and even give in to a bit of recklessness and she wants to do it by taking horse riding lessons. The last thing she expects is falling in love. 

Haven’t we all wished for a “do over”? A second chance? We cannot, though we might dream of it, roll back the years. The story of Kate Aiello is about the second chance we know in our hearts we deserve. The journey is seldom easy. For Kate, it means allowing herself to trust again. 

With Hot Flash my goal was to write a triumphant story of challenges, new strength, and a deeper appreciation for the value of a mature love relationship. It is a poignant love story, but will give you plenty of moments of laughter as well. 

Thank you for letting me share about Hot Flash.
Clare Austin

This is what Award-winning author, Deb Stover said about Hot Flash….

"Sexy but sensitive, powerful but poignant--HOT FLASH is not your daughter's romance! This is a story for real women.  Savor every word!"

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  1. Thanks so much for writing about a mature love relationship. Sometimes I feel like us mature women are forgotten.

  2. I'm so glad you feel that way. We live in a culture that worships youth. We need to start seeing the beauty in wisdom and appreciate what life has taught us.
    Thanks for coming to the blog today. And, Grace, thanks for having me here.

    Clare Austin



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