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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Key Lime Pie by Josi S. Kilpack

Key Lime Pie - A Culinary Mystery Publisher: Deseret Book
Pages: 359 pgs
Genre: Mystery
Challenges-Read’n’Review Challenge, 100+ Reading Challenge

Summary from Publisher:
When Sadie Hoffmiller's new friend, Eric Burton, receives word that his missing daughter's body may have been found in Florida, he immediately packs his bags. Sadie is determined to stay home and prove to everyone that she is not a busybody. But when she senses Eric is hiding something, Sadie is compelled to take action. Before she knows it, she's in the heart of Miami, trying to piece together a trail that might just give Eric the answers he's so desperately searching for. In the process, Sadie finds herself in the company of some colorful characters and some good ol' southern cooking. But despite the drama and intrigue, all Sadie really wants is to go home ... as soon as she does just one more thing.

Includes eight new mouthwatering recipes, tested and approved by the official bakers of Sadie's Test Kitchen

My Review:
I've missed the earlier books in this series and from the looks of it I need to catch up. Any books that feature food in any form is good enough for me. I mean I can just look at this one and get hungry.

I am normally not the biggest fan of mysteries. They just never have appealed to me in any form. There are few exceptions and they are mainly Agatha Christies and Georgette Heyers. This may also have to be added to the list. The mystery was interesting with a bunch of plot twists and other happenings. I did not have one of those moments where I just did not care. And trust me, for me, they are rare.

I loved Sadie. She was gutsy and spunky. Just the type of heroine that should be in a mystery. She is one if those characters that you want to pull from the page and adopt as your real life best friend. She was awesome. Eric was also quite the character but I never felt like I really got to know him at all. Maybe in the next book we will get to know him better.

I don't know what I was expecting when I first picked up this book but I was not expecting to love it. But I did. If you like lighthearted mysteries, pick this one up.

By the by, this is my first post from my new iPad. So amazing.

*A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for review. My opinion is my own and has not been influenced in any way and any monies made from associate or affiliate accounts are recycled back into the blog.

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