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Monday, November 8, 2010

Guest Post: Lydia Dare, author of The Taming of the Wolf

The Taming of the WolfRegency-era novels are popular with a lot of readers because of the appearance of the alpha-rake.  The dukes, barons, viscounts and other peers are interesting because of their very nature.  Striking good looks, wealth, and a sense of entitlement all allude to the fact that a Regency rake is able and willing to sweep a novel’s heroine off her feet, and most likely into right into his bed. These gentlemen already have a wolfish demeanor before they’re thrust into our fantasy world, where some men are Lycans who grow fur and howl at the moon.  The addition of this fantasy world puts the alpha-rake into a pack of his own, and that lets him freely adopt some of the character traits of the fabled Lycans.  This makes for a well-rounded character.  One a girl simply cannot avoid.

There are always reasons why a Regency hero and heroine can’t fall into one another’s arms and live blissfully ever after.  Add to those reasons that he’s a Lycan behind his demeanor of wealth and nobility, and you paint a hero no reader can resist falling in love with. 

In our first three books, A Certain Wolfish Charm, Tall, Dark and Wolfish, and The Wolf Next Door, it was somewhat of a secret that the men were part of the Westfield Pack, and not just the Westfield family.  Of course, Elspeth in Tall, Dark and Wolfish knew Benjamin Westfield was a Lycan; he’d gone there so she could heal him, obviously.  But even she didn’t know what being a Lycan really meant. It was all part of a very big secret, this Lycan creature who exuded strength, gentle breeding, rakishness, and tons of appeal. 
We changed that up some in our newest release, The Taming of the Wolf.  In this story, clairvoyant witch Caitrin Macleod is fully aware of a few things:
  1.  That Lycans exist
  2. That she simply cannot tolerate the beasts
  3. That the ones she’s met are Englishmen, which makes them even less desirable
She’s made aware that Dashiel Thorpe, the Earl of Brimsworth, is a Lycan at the very beginning of the novel.  So, Dash does very little apologizing for what he is, and doesn’t have to hide it. In fact, he doesn’t even know what it fully means.  It was only recently that he even found out there was a name for his condition, the condition that makes him turn into a monster on the night of the full moon.  

Add some sentimentality to the Regency rake, some indecision, some softness, and a need for acceptance, all coupled with the dashing good looks, a plethora of money, and enough sex appeal to tempt even a witch like Cait, and you have a novel hero who is irresistible.

What do you find most appealing about Lycans, or werewolves as they’re so commonly called?

A fresh and imaginative world of noble werewolves, each of whom encounters nearly insurmountable problems in his quest to live a normal life among England’s Regency society.

Dashiel Thorpe has grown up with the sobriquet “The monster of Eynsford.” Each full moon, when he turns into a wild beast, he has been chained to the wall to protect those around him. He has never before encountered a creature like himself, until he goes to visit his university friend and encounters a family of Lycans living just next door.

When the full moon turns the pack of them into wolves, Dashiel’s feral ways bring him to near-disaster, and when he bites Caitrin McLeod he unknowingly sets off a chain of events that could lead to his ultimate destruction.

Banished to Scotland to find a mentor and get trained in how to be a proper werewolf, Dashiel must also find Caitrin and persuade her that she’s his only chance for salvation…

About the Author
Lydia Dare is the writing team of Tammy Falkner and Jodie Pearson. Both Tammy and Jodie are active members of the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers and live near Raleigh, North Carolina. They are working together on their next paranormal historical trilogy as Lydia Dare, which will be released by Sourcebooks Casablanca in 2011! For more information, please visit 

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