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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guest Post: Shelley Munro, author of The Spurned Viscountess-and Giveaway!

The Spurned Viscountess
Grace: Before we begin with Shelley's lovely guest post, I must begin by saying this was an exercise in selfish for me. I love hearing about what books authors I admire and love read. So, I asked Shelley to write about what books inspired her. This guest post has killed my wish list and probably caused my local Indie owner to do a mental happy dance when I presented him with my new Wish List.

My name is Shelley Munro and I’m an author. Like many writers, I’m also a huge reader. My love of the romance genre began in my teens when my mother shoved some Harlequin Medical romances at me during a rainy summer day. I’d finished reading all my pony stories and mysteries so in desperation, my mother tried romance. Yep, like any kid I could be annoying when I was bored.

I soon graduated to historicals and Victoria Holt. She wrote under several pseudonyms including Phillipa Carr. One of my favorite books was Lion Triumphant, which was part of Phillipa Carr’s Isis series about generations of women from the same family. Lion Triumphant was set during Tudor times and I suspect current-day readers would throw it against the wall. Jake Pennlyon is sexy but determined—a bit of a brute in fact, and he’s not above using force to get a woman into his bed. At the time, I loved the book and read it several times, which is strange in itself. I don’t tend to reread books because there are too many others on my to-read pile.

Victoria Holt’s books have a distinct gothic tone and these books definitely influenced my writing. One of my favorites was Shadow of the Lynx, which is set in Australia. The convict hero Charles Herrick is suitably mysterious and a little creepy.

Fast forward a few years. I fell in love. and my husband and I traveled to Britain on a working holiday. Between work and travel, I didn’t read as much. It wasn’t until I returned to New Zealand that I did more reading. I discovered Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz) and her books such as Reckless, Surrender, Mistress, Seduction, Deception and many more. When I discovered her, she had a backlist and I devoured her stories, enjoying her feisty heroines and very sexy heroes.

Amanda Quick is directly responsible for what happened next. I read every historical I could get my hands on. Mostly they were English and Scottish-set historicals. I read them because I’d visited lots of the places during my travels. I enjoyed my time in Britain and reading historicals brought back many happy memories. One of my favorite books during this time was Devil’s Bride, the first book in Stephanie Lauren’s successful Cynster series. Add Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Jo Beverley and Liz Carlyle to my reading list, among others, and you had a happy reader.

Then, one day, I couldn’t face another historical. They’d started to sound the same and I could guess the plots. The settings were the same and I craved something different. I found my different in the paranormal genre. I took a break and didn’t read historical romances for a number of years. The only exception was if they were erotic as well as historical. I discovered Kate Pearce’s Simply series, which I still enjoy. I have one on my to-read pile right now. There’s also Samantha Kane’s Brother in Arms series—an erotic historical romance series with a little kink. They’re great reads and, if you like erotic romance, I highly recommend both authors.

This year I suffered from paranormal burnout and I decided to try a historical. A great move, I might add, since I’m reading with enthusiasm again. With my recent foray into historical romances, I’ve discovered some new favorites—authors such as Emma Wildes with her books An Indecent Proposition and Lessons From a Scarlet Lady and Sarah MacLean with her book Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake. I also like Tracy Anne Warren.

These days I’ll journey outside the Regency era to some lesser known settings. There’s Christina Phillips with her Roman/Celt story Forbidden, Jeannie Lin with her Tang Dynasty story Butterfly Swords and Liz Fichera with her Hohokam Indians in her story, Captive Spirit to name a few.

I’ve written my own historical, The Spurned Viscountess, which is now available from Carina Press. My historical is a Georgian one, set during the eighteenth century England. It’s a marriage of convenience story with gothic elements and a feisty heroine. I also write stories set during World War II. You’ll find blurbs and excerpts for all my historicals at my website.
I’m mentioned a few of my favorites. What about you? Are you reading historicals at present or some other genre? Do you have any favorite historical authors? Favorite historical romance books? Favorite historical settings?

I’ll give away a download of The Spurned Viscountess to one commenter.

Shelley Munro lives in New Zealand and writes romance  for Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave, Liquid Silver Books and Samhain Publishing. You can visit Shelley and learn more about her books at

Jayne Ann Krentz -
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Shelley Munro –

Yep, you  heard it right. One lucky commenter will receive an ebook of The Spurned Viscountess. All you have to do is answer Shelley's question:

I’m mentioned a few of my favorites. What about you? Are you reading historicals at present or some other genre? Do you have any favorite historical authors? Favorite historical romance books? Favorite historical settings?


  1. Thanks for having me to visit today. It's no trouble discussing books because I love to read.

  2. Stories set during WWII is another intriguing time period to read about. I have Shelley's book on my nook and have been saving it for a long, uninterrupted weekend. I was pulled in from the first chapter!

  3. Hi Shelly, I notice you read some of my favorite authors like Sarah Maclean, Kleypas, Quick or Krentz, S. Laurens. Some of my other favs are Christina Dodd, Teresa Medeiros, Betina Krahn, Mary Balogh, Eloisa James and Johanna Lindsey. That is just the tip of the iceberg too! I'm a full fledged historical romance junkie. I do read outside of historicals and into paranormal, contemp and suspense but my true love will always be historical. A few of my all time favs are Heather and Velvet by Teresa Medeiros, Pleasure for Pleasure by E. James, The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt and Rainbows and Rapture by Rebecca Paisley. I don't care where the setting or era is as long as its well written and has a HEA! My first romance was A Rose in Winter by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I was 11 and have not stoped some 20 years later! Thanks for sharing today.

  4. Congrats on your latest release Shelley!

    Great set of Authors :). Some of my favorite historical romance authors are Lorraine Heath, Julia London, Julia Quinn, Paula Quinn, Anna Campbell. LOL I have a huge list! To many awesome books out there to list particulars. Lila DiPasqua's fairy tale anthologies and Kieran Kramer's When Harry Met Molly are some super ones I've read recently.

    pams00 @

  5. I have a stash of regencies by Joan Smith. Also like her contemps, like Polka Dot Nude (with a hero with a delicious secret -- Spoiler --
    he writes romances!)

  6. @Liz Fichera

    Liz, I know just the feeling. I'm busy in writing mode at present, but I'm looking forward to doing some uninterrupted reading over Christmas. Not long to wait now!

  7. @Johanna R Jochum

    Hi Johanna - I forgot to add Mary Balogh to my list. I've definitely read Kathleen Woodiwiss too. There are so many great historical authors around. I'm certainly enjoying my recent foray into the genre.

  8. @Pam S (pams00)

    I have some of Anna Campbells' books in my to-read pile and I've just added some Lorraine Heath. I haven't read either yet, but I will in the near future. I also added When Harry Met Molly to my list yesterday. I'm obviously on the right track with this one :)

  9. @Jenny Schwartz

    Now Polka Dot Nude is an interesting title. I'm going to have to check this one out!



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