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Friday, January 21, 2011

Bloggiesta: My Late Sign Up Post

Yep, I’m late signing up. I’ve been sick twice since Christmas with brief respite between both bouts of viral plague. I’m better now and I have many goals for bloggy improvement.
  • organize posts into better categories and tags
  • set up post template
  • write reviews for books read and schedule them
  • figure out a name for cupcake blog
  • draft out structure of the new blog and figure out a name
  • start the meme
  • reply to errant emails
  • do as many mini-challenges as possible
  • does buying books with gift cards count as blog improvement?


  1. I know your email task is also a mini-challenge, so that's good. And a cupcake blog? Yum! And of course, book buying is blog improvement silly Grace!

  2. @Natasha @ Maw Books

    The email is killing me. I never reply promptly and I am continuously smacking myself at how rude I am.

    Thanks for validating my book purchases as blog improvement. I was feeling guilty but now...I feel fulfilled.

  3. A cupcake blog. That sounds like a nice thing to set up. And yummy. Good luck with coming up with a great name for it.



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