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Monday, February 7, 2011

Review: Darcy and Fitzwilliam: A tale of a gentleman and an officer by Karen Wasylowski

Darcy and Fitzwilliam: A tale of a gentleman and an officerPublisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
ISBN: 1402245947
Pages:  496 pgs
Genre: Jane Austen Sequel
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Summary from Publisher:
A gentleman in love cannot survive without his best friend...
Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam couldn't be more different, and that goes for the way each one woos and pursues the woman of his dreams. Darcy is quiet and reserved, careful and dutiful, and his qualms and hesitations are going to torpedo his courtship of Elizabeth. His affable and vivacious cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam is a military hero whose devil-may-care personality hides the torments within, until he finds himself in a passionate, whirlwind affair with a beautiful widow who won't hear of his honorable intentions.

Cousins, best friends, and sparring partners, Darcy and Fitzwilliam have always been there for each other. So it's no surprise when the only one who can help Darcy fix his botched marriage proposals is Fitzwilliam, and the only one who can pull Fitzwilliam out of an increasingly dangerous entanglement is Darcy...

My Review:
Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam is one of my favorite bromantic relationships. They had almost as much chemistry in Pride and Prejudice as Lizzie and Darcy did. I was so excited to get a more indepth picture of the epic bromance between Darcy and Fitzwilliam in this book.

Darcy was the perfect straight man in the comedy team of Darcy and Fitzwilliam. He plays off of the funny man Colonel Fitzwilliam so well. It was so funny to see Darcy acting like a recalcitrant little boy with his cousin. I almost felt bad for Lizzy. She must have felt like a babysitter. I loved Fitzwilliam. He was such a big, burly goofball. I found myself laughing out loud at him so often. I loved Amanda as well. She was the perfect match for Fitzwilliam and she fit in with these characters so well. I also love what Wasylowski did with Lady Catherine. She easily transformed from uppity lady to dotty aunt who loved and wanted the best for her nephews. I love it when she is not simply cast as the villain.

I love so many aspects of this book that it’s almost difficult to put it into words. I loved how the story was balanced between both Darcy and Fitzwilliam’s stories. I never felt that one character or one storyline was too dominating. I must admit that when I started that the book would only be focused on the relationship between Darcy and Fitzwilliam and that Lizzy would be pushed to the background. I was pleased to see that Lizzy would play a huge role. I must also say that the birth scene was enough to put me off of having children for the next couple of years.

*A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for review. My opinion is my own and has not been influenced in any way and any monies made from associate or affiliate accounts are recycled back into the blog.


  1. I've read Karen's short stories and loved them. She has an incredible sense of humor.

  2. oooo, I'm excited, this one is definately being added to my TBR list.
    Thank you for the review.

  3. Thank you for the review! I love any books that are P&P related, so this right up my street!



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