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Monday, May 23, 2011

Armchair BEA: Who Am I, and How Do I Armchair?

imageWho Am I?

That’s a rather big question. I am Grace. I am 25. I am a reader, baker, writer, crazy lady among other things. I review mainly romance and YA books. I am obsessed with historical romances and paranormal YA romances.

How Do I Armchair?

I Armchair in my big orange, not so comfy chair with my laptop. I also Armchair in my kitchen on my iPad while I bake many cupcakes. Let’s hope I don’t set something on fire. I’m not at BEA, even though I live in NYC and it’s entirely plausible, but my baking schedule got full. Yes, people, I’m obsessed.

Random Facts About MUAH!

  • I’m a huge Devils fan even though I live in New York and I take crap for it all the time.
  • I’ve failed my driver’s test twice but I love cars.
  • I HATE A Catcher in the Rye.
  • My favorite color is brown.
  • I do not allow Dan Brown books in my house.
  • I love wrestling and Deadliest Catch and can’t stand chick shows.
  • I wanted to be Sarah Crewe or Mary Lennox when I was a kid. Now I want to be Elizabeth Bennet or Scarlet O’ Hara.
  • I vociferate between liking and hating Twilight/Edward/Bella but I always love the fanfiction. Most of it is better than the books.
  • I have my Master’s in Library Science from Pratt Institute but I may just end up baking cupcakes for the rest of my life.
  • I very rarely borrow books from the library because I have over 10,000 books in my personal library.
  • I once beat up a boy for calling me GraciePoo. I have no problem with Gracie. It’s the Poo that was the problem.
  • I still read The Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley books occasionally. They are still awesome.
  • My favorite book from my childhood is a YA called Amazing Gracie. Not only was it awesome, it was also a namesake.
  • I collect books with main characters named Grace. Especially the romance variety. If anyone has any suggestions, send them to me!


  1. Hey Grace, nice to learn about you! I also have no use for A Catcher in the Rye - never got what all the fuss was about :) Do you like reading on your iPad? It seemed pretty nice when I tried one in the Apple store.

  2. @Paula Krapf

    I've always hated Holden. I always thought I was the only one.

    I haven't really tried reading on my iPad yet. I have the app and I have books loaded on it but I've mainly stuck to my Sony Reader. The battery life on the iPad is too iffy for long term reading even though the app is awesome.

  3. Reading on the ipad does suck the battery life, but for a 500 page book, it doesn't suck that much as long as you charge it every night.
    I really like that you did fun facts about you, too. It makes for a much more interesting read :)


  4. Hi Grace!! Hope nothing caught on fire =) are you obsessed with books or obsessed with baking? LoL I dont know where to begin to comment on your post.. its very humorous =) i really enjoyed reading it.
    Im glad to have the chance to meet through Armchair BEA and I hope your enjoying it too. When you have the chance, i hope you come pay me a visit as well.
    Have a great week!!
    I'm also a new follower =) and if you wouldn't mind, would you follow me as well?

  5. @SpadesHigh

    Nope nothing on fire this time. I've only had two or three blazes while baking and those involved a creme brulee torch. I'm definitely obsessed with both! Although the book obsession is more senior.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Well, you have me beat on the home library front. I thought I owned a ton with my 3000+, but you have a squashed that total with your 10,000. Wow! I'm wracking my brain trying to think where you put them all. I barely have room for my 3000!

    I'll be stopping by again, most likely! Enjoy the week!

  7. LOL! Love this post! Your site is so gorgeous! Just love the header and the fonts. And love that you are unwavering in your dislike of certain books, love it! :)

    On behalf of the Armchair BEA organizers thanks so much for participating! We really are so happy to have you!



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