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Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Portrait in Sepia by Isabel Allende

Portrait in Sepia: A Novel (P.S.)Publisher: Harper Perennial Modern Classics
ISBN: 9780061991530
Pages: 336 pgs
Genre: Fiction
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Summary from publisher:

In nineteenth-century Chile, Aurora del Valle suffers a brutal trauma that erases all recollections of the first five years of her life. Raised by her regal and ambitious grandmother Paulina del Valle, Aurora grows up in a privileged environment but is tormented by horrible nightmares. When she is forced to recognize her betrayal at the hands of the man she loves, and to cope with the resulting solitude, she explores the mystery of her past.
My Review:  

I reviewed Daughter of Fortune last week and loved it. I was itching to read the sequel, Portrait in Sepia.

This one focuses on Aurora, Eliza and Tao Chi'en granddaughter, and takes us through her life. I felt that her story paled in comparison to Eliza. I found myself missing Eliza and her strong character. I think that may be because I loved Daughter of Fortune so much that any other narrator telling this story would feel lacking in comparison to Eliza. I did like how her being a photographer reflected on the way the story was told. I felt as if I was looking at snapshots of time rather than reading a straight narration.

I did like Portrait in Sepia. Maybe not as much as I loved Daughter of Fortune but I did like it. I was happy that I got some conclusions to Eliza and Tao Chi’en’s story. Even though the majority of those conclusions were sad, I am happy that I got the closure. I also enjoyed the mystery of Tao’s death. I kinda had an idea from the beginning of the book but it was interesting nonetheless. I did not realize that this was also connected to The House of the Spirits. I read that one a long time ago and have very vague recollections of it. I think I must read it again.

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  1. I'm glad you got the closure you wanted even if it didn't mean happy endings for all. Allende's writing is gorgeous but I have to admit I haven't read much by her (yet).

    Thanks for being on the tour.



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