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Sunday, June 5, 2011

48 Hour Book Challenge-Finish Line!

48hbc_newWell I made it to 48 this time. The secret is tea not coffee. Specifically many flavors of tea. It keeps it interesting.

This year was fun. I wasn’t tired or distracted. I also had plenty of amazing books. I’m also going to donate a big box of books to a local nursing home. They really need it.


1-2 am –page 200. Really great so far. Not sleepy. Really I’m not.
2-3 am – page 224. Maybe I’m slowing down a little. More tea. This time good old Irish Breakfast.
3-4 am –page 275. Almost done with Ballad. Instead of reading Trace of Fear next I think I am going to read Supernova for my tour date this week.
4-5 am –page 320. I really hope the ending to this one is not like the ending of Lament because that had me staring in shock at the book for like 5 minutes. Even when I was reading When You Dare, I kept glancing back to it.
5-6 am –page 352 and done. Started drafting review.
6-7 am –Finished drafting review. Starting Supernova.
7-8 am –After fighting with the Sony Reader o’doom, it opened the book and I am on page 20.
8-9 am Getting tired again so I broke out the big guns. Spiced Mate Tea. On page 53.
9-10 am –On page 111.
10-11 am –Page 132.
11-12 pm Page 200. Almost done.
12-1 pm –Page 223 and done.
1-2 pm –Drafted, formatted and scheduled my review and the guest post for Wed. Started Trace of Fear.
2-3 pm –On page 50 of Trace of Fear. May like Trace even more than Dare who I have a romance hero crush on.
3-4 pm On page 220.Yep I’m blowing by this one quick
4-5 pm On page 275. This one just might be a gold star. Is it bad to gush about two books in a series.
5-6 pm On page 350.
6-7 pm –Page 392 and done. Finished Trace of Fear and on to….The Hunger Games. I won’t finish but at least I’ll start it.
7-8 pm-Thought hours ended at 7pm not 8pm because I suck at timing. Still kept reading luckily. Now on page 175 of The Hunger Games and I’m at hour 48. Still not tired at all but done reading.

Time Started: 7:00 PM Friday
Time Now: 8:01 PM Sunday
Hours Total: 48 hours
Hours For Today: 19 hours
Pages Total: 2249
Books Finished: Scandal in Scotland, Lament, When You Dare, Ballad, Supernova, Trace of Fear
Reviews Written: 5


  1. So the secret is tea! Who knew? Amazing reading! Just, wow!

  2. I should have been drinking tea for my cough, cold, vile illness. Good idea for next year.

  3. @Camille

    I just got over that cough/cold crappiness. It's terrible. I hope you feel better.

  4. Man, the straight Irish breakfast does not keep me up that long, but the real problem may be that you are young enough to be my daughter. What an awesome, awesome job!

  5. Tea, huh? I'm going to have to stock up for upcoming reading events because I can never go more than 17-18 hours. Very impressive!

  6. I'm definitely going to get tea for next year. I believe you are the third or fourth person who seemed entirely more lucid than I, and credited such to tea. Of course, coffee will still have its place as I believe I might turn into a frog or some such without it. Anyway, congratulations on making 48 hours!!

  7. Super impressive! Congratulations!

  8. @Ms. Yingling

    Thank you so much. I was determined to do it this year because I came so close last year. I'm just stubborn like that.

  9. @Lisa

    I drank so much of the stuff that I have to order a whole new shipment. But it definitely does help with the lucidity.

  10. @onlymuttix

    Coffee always has it's place. I've been drinking the stuff since I was a little kid--probably not such a good thing to admit. lol. I'm still not human without at least one cup in the morning.



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