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Saturday, June 4, 2011

48 Hour Book Challenge-Friday

I am going to follow my own example and do a post per day so I don’t annoy my followers with 48 individual posts.

7-8 pm –started reading Scandal in Scotland
8-9 pm-50 pages read. Loving it so far. 
9-10 pm-75 done. I love books about bitter exes. Especially if one of them happens to be wearing a kilt. 
10-11 pm-150 page in. So good.
11-12 am-200 pages done. Still reading and still awake.

Time Started: 7:00 PM Friday
Time Now: 12:01 AM
Hours Total: 5 hours
Hours For Today: 5 hours
Pages Total: 200
Books Finished: None
Reviews Written: None
Started: Scandal in Scotland by Karen Hawkins  

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