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Saturday, June 4, 2011

48 Hour Book Challenge-Saturday AM

48hbc_newAgain the damn internet prevented me from posting this on time. Yet again.

I’ve gotten plenty of reading done. And so far I’ve not conked out or stopped reading



12-1 am-250 pages read.
1-2 am –333 pages read. Scandal in Scotland done.
2-3 am –Review written for Scandal in Scotland
3-4 am –started reading Lament. I’ve read it at least twice for different readathons but forgotten it after each time.
4-5 am –96 pages in and loving it.
5-6 am –121 pages read.  Made Oriental Spice tea for a pick me up.
6-7 am –201 pages. A little tired but, yeah, still reading.
7-8 am 228 and still going. I’m totally loving this book and not feeling the lack of sleep at all. It could also be the copious amounts of tea I’m drinking.
8-9 am –300 done. Still reading.
9-10 am –317 finished. Review drafted.
10-11 am –Started When You Dare by Lori Foster. Read 43 pages.

Time Started: 7:00 PM Friday
Time Now: 11:01 AM Saturday
Hours Total: 16 hours
Hours For Today: 11 hours
Pages Total: 693
Books Finished: Scandal in Scotland, Lament
Reviews Written: 2
Started: When You Dare by Lori Foster 



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