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Friday, June 3, 2011

The 48 Hour Reading Challenge: Intro Post



I completed this challenge last year at 43 hours. I am attempting to maybe hit the 48 hour mark this year. I am also going to attempt to review after I read just because I tend to forget then end up not reviewing.




Books I plan to read: lots of romance and lots of YA series. I don’t know the titles yet but I am going to improvise.

Start time: 7pm on Friday.

End time: 8pm on Sunday

Starting with: Scandal in Scotland by Karen Hawkins

Next: The Hunger Games


  1. wow--43 hours--so impressive!!! I will be happy to make it to 20...Improvising is great, go with what speaks to you. I will starting reading tomorrow...


  2. That is quite a challenge - do you stop for food breaks or stock up on munchies with your books?
    Happy reading and blogging

  3. @Lauren B

    I'm not far from a kitchen so I can just grab when I'm hungry. I take my book with me.

  4. Good luck with the 48HBC! You will love Hunger Games. I recently started Mockingjay. Have a great weekend!



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