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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest Post: C.L. Parker, author of Supernova

Kerrigan Cruz: Why I didn’t like her at first

Supernova_CoverKerrigan is my heroine in the Supernova Saga. As you’ve probably seen in reviews, or in the summary of Supernova, she’s part of a chosen bloodline charged with the responsibility of protecting a person’s free will from those who wish to alter destiny for their own design – a Guardian of the Light.

Right off the bat, she got on my nerves. She was weak. Her daddy ran her life, and even though she despised her gold-digging boyfriend, she stayed with him. I couldn’t fathom why her roommate/gay BFF, Gabe, actually stood by and let her play the part of Daddy’s Little Girl crossed with a Stepford Wife. In the end, I realized that Gabe was doing the opposite of what the other men in her life did – he was letting her live her own life and learn her own lessons. I think he saw more in her than I originally did. He had faith – as did her grandmother, Availia, and mother, Priscilla – that she would eventually crack and then take no prisoners.

Being what I would call a strong, very opinionated woman, myself, I had serious issues with her inability to take control of her life. Kerrigan surprised me though. When Availia passed away and left everything – including her home in St. Augustine – to her granddaughter, Kerrigan seized the opportunity and walked, head held high, through the opened door that led to her new life. No longer daddy’s little girl, or Jackson’s piggy bank, she refused to let anyone puppeteer her again. I still felt like she was growing a set of ovaries a little late in life – she’s 24 – but at least she did it.

And, boy did she ever! It’s like some deep-seated switch was flipped. I mean, her grandmother was a very strong woman, as was Kerrigan’s mother. But once Kerrigan got the hang of the no-more-pushing-me-around, she took it and ran a marathon with that bad boy. The first to face her wrath was the gold-digging boyfriend, Jackson. She kicked his pompous ass to the curb, royally. The next, my favorite, was Dominic Grayson, our hero.

When she goes off on Dominic…Whew! The man couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Sort of reminded me of myself. Ha!

CLParkerThe moral of this post is this: Women, we are strong by nature. God knew that when he created us. That’s why he gave us the ability to carry a life around in our womb for nine months. That’s why we’re able to push a watermelon out of an opening the size of a straw. And that’s why WE are the ones who nurture, protect, and teach our children how to survive in a world full of other heathens raised by men – I am so kidding here, daddies. Please don’t throw eggs at me. What I’m trying to say is that we all have a little Momma Bear inside of us. Let her roar!

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  1. Oh I loved this post! I had the exact same feelings about Kerrigan at the beginning of the book and was so happy when she finally started to stand up for herself and take control of her life!
    Bonnie @ HandsAndHome



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