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Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Confessions of an Improper Bride by Jennifer Haymore

Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 0446573140
Pages:384 pages
Genre: Romance/Regency  
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Summary from publisher:


Serena Donovan left London six years ago, her heart broken and her reputation ruined by devilishly handsome Jonathan Dane. Now, with her family's future in peril, she reluctantly agrees to return to England and assume her late twin's identity. The price? Marry a man she doesn't love and spend the rest of her days living a lie.

Jonathan Dane, Earl of Stratford, has become an incorrigible rake, drinking, gambling-and trying to forget Serena Donovan. Yet the moment he's introduced to the prim and proper "Meg", he recognizes the sensual young woman who captured his heart. Haunted by his past mistakes, he refuses to lose Serena again. But convincing her to trust him is no easy task. Claiming his lost love means exposing the truth and destroying the life Serena has sacrificed everything to rebuild. With the future of all the Donovans at stake, and their undying passion capable of triggering yet another scandal, how much will Jonathan and Serena risk for a chance at true love?

My Review:   

I have been looking forward to this book since it landed on my doorstep. It’s exactly my type of romance. Bitter ex-lovers, angst, adventure, drama and all that lovely stuff. I mean who wouldn’t want to read something that sounded so awesome? I would like to meet this person.

Serena was one of those characters that I spent much of the time wanting to give her a good smack. What type of person impersonates her dead sister to her dead sister’s poor fiancĂ© and society?  I felt so bad for poor, hoodwinked Will. But I did like her. I felt bad for her with what Jonathan did to her. He publically denied her and turned into a scoundrel when he learned of her death. It was terrible and it was sad. A part of me could not forgive Jonathan for what he did to Serena and what he became after her death. But after I got over that, I really did like him and thought he had amazing chemistry with Serena. He was just a bit misguided and damaged.

I have always found books where lookalikes or twins trade places to be fairly preposterous and implausible but also quite entertaining. This one pretty much followed that trend. I always end up wondering how two people who, even though they look alike and have completely different mannerisms and personalities, can be confused to such an amazing degree. Even with the implausibility, the mix-up created amazing conflict, adventure and drama in the story. I also loved that their was tension and a bit of angst between the main couple. I always say that a romance novel can only be improved by more angst—and there was definitely enough in this one to go around.

I highly, highly recommend this one. I do hope there is a book about Will coming down the pipe in the soon time. I want him to get his happy ending. 


*A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for review.   My opinion is my own and has not been influenced in any way and any monies   made from associate or affiliate accounts are recycled back into the  blog.

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  1. Great review. Thanks. I too have waited for this book. And I enjoyed reading your thoughts.
    Carol L
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