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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bookshelf Tour-The Loves of my Life

This is an old post of my bookshelves I did for BBAW. I was feeling nostalgic so I decided to repost.

Blogging has changed so much about the way I go about my reading. I have always been a quick reader. I can finish an 800 page book in a couple of hours. So it’s not necessarily that I read more because I have always been on a 100-200 book a year habit but I now have a record of the books I have read. I never wrote anything down before and I never remembered the books I finished for long after I finished them but now with my blog and my Goodreads account I have a record of when I read it and what I thought about it. Not really something very striking but necessary.

Blogging has also opened me up to more genres and more books than I ever thought possible. When I started my blog, I was what I like to call snooty. I only read classics and literary fiction---BORING. I thought that was what I thought I would be blogging about but soon felt myself pulled in the (more fun) romance and YA directions. I have been a romance reader since I began pilfering my mother’s books when I was a kid but I never thought I would be blogging about romance books. They are mostly what I read now and I couldn’t have chosen a better or more diverse genre. I also found YA mainly through poking around the blogosphere for recs. I’m not quite sure I would have touched a YA book without recs from bloggers I love. I still have so many YA books on my TBR—it’s actually quite ridiculous.

My acquisition habits have not changed. They are still terrible. I acquire books like a hoarder. I am currently on a “buy out-of-print bodice rippers” rampage. My last big order was of 106 of those books and that was only a third of the wishlist. Like I said, terrible.

regular romance shelf
Regular romance shelf-All the books I have stolen from my mother as well as single author titles. Not organized at all but very pretty to look at.

favorite romance shelf
Favorite romance shelf-If I like a romance, it goes on this shelf—well, it did until I ran out of space. All of my complete collections of authors go here. Organized by author because I am a backlist buyer

Also, while this might seem somewhat not so bad---it really doesn’t look so bad or so many until you realize that my shelves are triple shelved. So what you see in the front x3. It’s bad.

fiction shelf
My fiction shelf-Books that I have deemed worthy of keeping but not included in a collection that gets its own shelf. Not organized.

classics shelf
My classics shelf-My classics collection and books I love. Not organized. Has some old text books in there as well.

randomness shelf
Randomness shelf-Overflow from the other shelves. Not organized.

anne shelf
Anne shelf-Where my L.M. Montgomery books are. Somewhat organized.

jane shelf
Jane Shelf-Everything Jane Austen currently in my possession. All my sequels and everything go on this shelf. As well as my mini-Jane and my mini-bookshelf that my favorite uncle made for me.

YA Shelf
YA Shelf-All of my YA books. I even have some of my BSC books in here. I need another YA shelf because it’s full. Organized by series.


  1. Love the photographs of your bookshelves and really agree with you about how nice it is to have a good record of what one's read via the blog.

  2. Love those shelves! They are even more crowded than mine! Lol

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  3. I'm so envious of all your bookshelves! I only have on at the moment, and then piles of books scattered around the apartment... it's a bit of a hazard!

  4. I have six overflowing bookshelves plus books stacked in closets, so I totally get it! I'm a terrible hoarder. I think I could stop acquiring new books and be able to read a new book every day for a year. :)

  5. Whew, I envy your reading speed! That's something I'd like to work on. I'm much slower than I think I could be. Your shelves are amazing! I'm on my way to a similar collection...I just bought a new bookshelf not long ago and, um, it's already filled. Oops!

  6. Holy hell! Your shelves make me think that I can justify buying more books, because I don't have nearly as many as you do!

  7. I love looking at bookshelves! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Okay, so a) I am also v. jealous of how fast you can read! and b) I love your shelves, too! That's sort of how mine looked a few months ago before I got rid of a lot of them to make room for new ones. Mine were only two deep, though. Haha! :D

  9. Whoa! I love all of your shelves! Are they all in the same room or are they scattered throughout the house in different rooms?

    I think blogging has made my reading more voluminous and more varied as well. Blogger recommendations have helped to make my piles of books grow like crazy.

  10. @Katy

    They are all in my bedroom. I have another shelf or two scattered around the house but the ones in my room are my main collection.

  11. @Anastasia @ Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog

    I am not capable of getting rid of books. I tried to give them away but I can't. I've just recently donated a couple boxes of non-fiction books to my uncle's nursing home so I have shrunk the collection a bit.

  12. @reviewsbylola

    Glad I can be of service. Now if only someone could block Amazon from my computer and hide the password.



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