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Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Midnight Waltz by Jennifer Blake

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca 
ISBN: 1402238495
Pages:384 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical  
Challenges-100+ Reading Challenge, Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge
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Summary from publisher:

She has no idea what to expect...

In the aristocratic world of the magnificent plantations of nineteenth-century Louisiana, young Amalie knows how to behave as the new mistress at Belle Grove, but her arranged marriage to Julien Declouet is full of surprises.

He's as different as night and day...

Amalie finds her husband perfectly polite, although oddly aloof, by day, but a completely different man when he visits her in her chambers at night, full of white-hot emotions and passion that sweeps her away. As the steamy Louisiana summer swelters onward, and the mystery of her husband's dual personalities intensifies, the once-innocent Amalie finds herself embroiled in one turbulent scandal after another...

My Review: 

I’ve read at least a couple of books by Jennifer Blake before. I liked them and I was looking forward to this one.

Amalie confounded me a little. How could she not notice what she did not notice? She was one of the most oblivious heroines I have ever come across. It was obvious to me from the beginning that her husband was either homosexual or cheating on her or both. I mean it’s excusable because it might not be the first thought of a woman of her time but it’s kind of unbelievable that she would not know that the man she was sleeping with was not her husband. I think I stuck with this book because of Robert. He was such an interesting hero and I kind of couldn’t stand Amalie. He was the perfect compromise between the suave and sweet hero and the gruff rogue hero.

As you can probably tell from the previous paragraph, I thought the plot was just a bit implausible from the start. I didn’t, and still don’t, think anyone with moderate intelligence could be so oblivious as to not recognize that the man she was sleeping with was not her husband. I just found it so hard to believe and it took me a while to stop using my logical thinking skills and to enjoy the story. But once I did, I really got into the story and the characters especially Robert. He was a gem of a hero.

This one might require a bit of suspension of belief but once you do, this is a really great novel that will just about suck you in.


*A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for review.   My opinion is my own and has not been influenced in any way and any monies   made from associate or affiliate accounts are recycled back into the  blog.

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