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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Author Interview: T. Lynne Tolles, author Bloodstone Heart

1. Please tell us a little about Bloodstone Heart and the rest of the Blood series.

The Blood Series is mainly about two sister witches who fall for the two vampire brothers who move in next door and the crazy mysteries they fall into. Bloodstone Heart specifically brings Josh and Lanie into the mix of friends when Josh attracts the attention of a killer vampire. They set out on the run and head for Darby’s for her help.

2. This is going to sound majorly geeky but what is your writing process? Do you have any special things you must have or must do to get you in the writing “mood”?

Love, love, love, writing when it’s raining out side. My process changes with my mood so there is no real set pattern. I keep a journal for each book, writing down ideas as they come and the main idea of the book. Sometimes I even write out complete scenes in it and then refer back to it whenever I need reference or inspiration.

3. Since it’s October and the month of horror, who is your favorite vampire in all of literature and film?

Wow…that’s a hard one, but I guess I’ll have to say Damon Salvatore from L.J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries – the books and the series. Gotta love a bad boy who is sticky sweet on the inside (at least for someone he loves).

4. I really loved Josh and Lanie. Was there any particular inspiration for them? If you were casting a movie, which actors would you pick to play them?

All my characters are based on actors and actresses, at least for their looks, so that’s easy. Josh was based on Paul Walker and Lanie was based on Alexis Bledel. As for personalities, well that just came to me one fleeting moment (giggles).

5. Can you give us any hint about the next book and what we can expect? The clip_image002Bloodstone Heart ended on such a cliffhanger.

In Deadman’s Blood, an artifact with a prophecy in it, is found in the aftermath of Bloodstone Heart’s destruction. It seems to revolve around the Larsen family and Josh will play a big role in this prophecy. The identity of the Dark Angel will be revealed and this too will play a big part in the book.

Quick Fire:
Favorite Halloween candy: Almond joy’s and Laffy Taffy (any flavor but Lime)
Coffee or Tea: Coffee, unless visiting Europe, than tea.
Romance or Thriller: Thriller
Spicy or Sweet: Definitely sweet
The most terrible sound in the world is: Your child’s scream of pain or trouble
If I could learn how to do one thing, it would be: Learn to play the piano without actually going through the lessons and practicing (Dreamin’s free)
My favorite book ever is: The Witching Hour by Anne Rice

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