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Monday, October 17, 2011

Review: Addicted by Charlotte Featherstone

imagePublisher: Spice 
ISBN: 0373605285
Pages: 443 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical  
Challenges-100+ Reading Challenge, Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge
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Summary from publisher:

Friends since childhood, Anais Darnby and Lindsay Markham have long harbored a secret passion for one another. When they finally confess their love, their future together seems assured, sealed with their searing embrace.

But when a debauched Lindsay is seduced by a scheming socialite, a devastated Anais seeks refuge in another man's bed while Lindsay retreats to the exotic East. There, he is seduced again—this time by the alluring red smoke and sinister beauty of opium.

Back home, Lindsay's addiction is fed by the vogue for all things Oriental—especially its sensual pleasures—in fashionable London society. In his lucid moments, Lindsay still lusts after Anais, who can neither allow him near nor forget his smoldering touch. Tortured by two obsessions—opium and Anais—Lindsay must ultimately decide which is the one he truly cannot live without.

My Review: 

I have read this book once already but the review never actually got written and then the book got forgotten. I have never really had a very defined opinion about this one. I loved some parts but could live without others.

One of my biggest troubles with this book is the heroine herself, Anais. Oh boy, I didn’t like her. She was all morally superior and sort of looked down on Lindsay for most of the book. I wondered how he could love her if she was constantly looking down at him from her perch. Her secret was also not very surprising. Now, Lindsay is what made this book work for me. He was a flawed hero and he definitely had an addiction but he was always a kind gentleman and true in his love for Anais. His addiction was also portrayed very realistically which I greatly appreciated.

Charlotte Featherstone is one amazing writer. I am in love with her writing style and storytelling. The only issue I really had with this book was with Anais. She was one of those heroines that I could easily hit over the head with an anvil Looney Tunes style and not feel at all guilty. She annoyed me. Very badly. I tried to convince myself to like her but I just couldn’t. And because of my dislike of the heroine, I felt a bit of a disconnect with the story even though I loved the hero and the plot.


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  1. That's hard when you don't like a main characters. Glad you liked the story though and I liked your review!



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