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Friday, June 8, 2012

Armchair BEA: Ask the Experts

I am on the fence about this one. I have been blogging for 4 years. I am still learning new things about blogging every day. The problem I have with this question is I hate that people feel the need to tell each other how to blog. It’s your blog. Make it yours. Do what you want with it. I don’t understand why bloggers feel the need to tell each other what to do. Never have. Every time I see one of those “How To” posts with rules and regulations, I get a little steamed. But really, the only three rules we all should follow are

  1. Don’t plagiarize. (We all know this rule is subjective. Meaning if you are big enough, you can get away with it)
  2. Be nice and respectful. Don’t do anything that your mother would scold you for doing.
  3. Be honest. Be fair. But don’t compromise your opinions.

But seriously, if anyone needs any advice, I’m here.


  1. Short and simple! You're right -- we can lay out all the tips and tricks, all of the ways we'd like to see a blog, but really it's up to the blogger. Blogging is such an individual thing that it would be boring to see the same blog over and over.

  2. Direct to the point. 4 years. Woah. That statement in number one hit me the hardest. As I'll always say, plagiarizing is plaguing the blogging community. Great post and thank you for those tips. I'll be sure to follow them. :)

    Happy late Day Five of ArmchairBea to you!

    My ArmchairBEA Day Five Entry



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