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Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Cowboy Crazy by Joanne Kennedy

Cowboy Crazy
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages:384 pages
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Summary from Publisher:
Sparks fly when sexy cowboys collide with determined heroines in a West filled with quirky characters and sizzling romance. Acclaimed for delivering "a fresh take on the traditional contemporary Western," Joanne Kennedy's books might just be your next great discovery!
 From stable to boardroom... 

 Sarah Landon's Ivy League scholarship transforms her from a wide–eyed country girl into a poised professional. Until she's assigned to do damage control with the boss's rebellious brother Lane, who's the burr in everybody's saddle. He's determined to save his community from oil drilling, and she's not going back to the ranch she left forever. Spurs will shine in this saucy romp about ranchers and roots, redemption and second chances.

My Review:

Joanne Kennedy is one of my "go to" Western romance authors. Whenever I am looking for a good cowboy romance, I search out a book by Joanne Kennedy as I always have at least one hanging around. This one was on my TBR and I have to admit to rushing a little to get to it.

Sarah was one of those heroines that you love from the very beginning. It's very easy to identify with her and her story was so heartwrenching. I also felt for her when the people of Two Shot shunned her. It was so painful to watch. Lane was another story. I initially had such a difficult time with him. I have trouble with well-to-do people bragging about coming from a small town and getting their hands dirty--when they  lived in the mansion on the hill and had a silver spoon in their mouth since birth. But I quickly forgave him for that because he was really a sweet hero and he was kind to horses.

Cowboy Crazy is my favorite Joanne Kennedy book--so far. All of her books are well-written with great characters and a lovely small town feel but there was something special about this one. The chemistry between Sarah and Lane was so intense yet so believable. Also both characters were likable on their own which I find to be a bit of a rarity in contemporary romance. It's always either the hero or the heroine that manages to get on my bad side but that didn't happen even though Lane took a while for me to like. I also loved how it was Sarah who was from the wrong side of the tracks. Yes, I know this has been done before but I have been reading many where the heroine is the rich one. It's nice to get a break from that.

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