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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: Thoroughly Kissed by Kristine Grayson

Thoroughly KissedPublisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402248547
Pages: 384 pages
Genre: Romance/Fairy Tale
Series: Fates-1,3,4,5,6,7,8; Charming-1,3
Challenges- TK
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Sleeping Beauty has sworn off kissing...
 Emma awakens to an entirely different world than the one she lived in a thousand years ago, and although she's the real Sleeping Beauty, her life is no fairy tale. After parting ways with her supposed Prince Charming, she's determined to be a normal girl—she hides her magic and swears off kissing strange men.
But her gorgeous boss Michael knows there 's something unusual about Emma, and he thinks she's as infuriating as she is beautiful. Now Emma needs to teach Michael a lesson, which means mastering her magic. She knows she's flirting with danger, but after one look at Michael's perfect lips, all she can think is, "What's another thousand years ... ?"
Welcome to the fractious fairy tale world of Kristine Grayson, where the bumpy road to happily ever after is paved with surprises ...

My Review:

This series is one big huge joy to read. At least for me. Every single book is an adventure. Something completely new and unexpected. Even if this series grows to 83 books, I don't think I will get bored. It's that good.

I am not a big Sleeping Beauty fan, to be honest. She ranks after Cinderella and Cinderella is pretty far down on my list. But I absolutely love this take on that fairy tale. Our heroine, Emma, is a history professor who also happens to be an awakened Sleeping Beauty. She's trying to figure out the 21st century world and avoid kissing. She also encounters more trouble when she comes into her magic with only Michael to assist her in controlling it. Michael is the head of the history department. He thinks Emma's book is complete crap. Great start, right? They had this bickering type of relationship that I absolutely loved.

I kind of fell in love with this one from the first page. It was a light read with some great humor, romance and characters. I was a bit surprised because Utterly Charming was a bit of a difficult read for me but this one rebounded this series for me.  This one had some good bits of humor that had me laughing out loud. Emma's cat, Darnell, was a source of many of them. In my humble opinion, you will not find a better series of fairy tale adaptations out there. Grayson tackles each fairy tale in such a unique and humorous way. I can't wait to read Charming Blue about my favorite fairy tale man of all, Bluebeard.

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