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Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Lord of the Black Isle by Elaine Coffman

Lord of the Black Isle (Black Douglas, #3)Publisher:Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages:352 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical/Highlander
Series: Black Douglas-1,2
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David Murry, Earl of Kinloss, never wanted to be the laird. But the title is thrust upon him, and now the well-being of his clan weighs heavily on his shoulders. He has never felt so alone, until a beautiful healer from another time is brought to the Black Isle...


When Dr. Elisabeth Douglas is thrown back into time to sixteenth-century Scotland, she decides to use her modern medical knowledge to save lives. In a time when a healer may be accused of witchcraft, she must keep her secret closely guarded, especially from David, whose uncanny curiosity could destroy them both.

My Review:

Lord of the Black Isle has been on my TBR since I finished the first book of this series, The Return of the Black Douglas. That one was amazing and I was hoping for much of the same with Elisabeth's and, for the most part, I was not disappointed.

It was easy to love Elisabeth. We know her past has not been easy. She has a huge tendency towards abduction and, at the every beginning of the book, her engagement ends in the very worst of ways. But I love how smart and brave she was even in the worst of situations. She never lost her cool or did anything stupid. I did wonder how her use of modern medicine did not create sort of paradox but that's just me. I've read too many time travel romances. I love love loved David. It's amazing how some of the most seemingly tough heroes can turn out to be the sweetest. He did have his moments of complete pigheadedness. Like his sulkfest after Elisabeth could not save his sister. But overall, he was a great hero.

Lord of the Black Isle was one of my best reads in the last couple of months. David and Elisabeth had great chemistry. Not necessarily the same amount of amazing, soulbreaking chemistry that Isobel and Alysandir had but a good amount. I had moments of complete annoyance with both David and Elisabeth but they were compelling as a couple and individually. After I am done read through Lisa Kleypas' backlist, Elaine Coffman is next. I was wavering between Elaine Coffman and Laura Kinsale but this one has convinced me. I am hopeful that this series continues...perhaps with Fergus as the hero. I do like the poor guy.

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