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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Changes to Review Policy

Book blogging is a hobby for me. I don't make any money from this blog. The only real reward I get from this blog is the connection I make with readers, bloggers, authors and publishers. I love sharing my opinions and thoughts about the books I read. It was one of my favorite parts about blogging and I was always happy to lend my support to any indie author whose book appealed to me. Lately, however, the blogging world has not been so friendly. In fact, it has been openly hostile and dangerous. I do not feel comfortable giving my address out to certain self-published authors any longer. If I already have your book for review or have reviewed for you previously, this does not apply to you. 

Here is the change to my review policy:

Note about Self-Published and Indie Authors- I used to review these books as often as traditionally published books but now, given the rather hostile climate, I will accept a very VERY limited amount of self-published books for review because I am not ready to close that door completely...yet. I will accept books within my genres of preference only--there are no exceptions to this. I will also be more cautious about the authors I do accept. The books I currently have will be reviewed. I am just not willing to take the risk of being attacked if I don't like a book or don't get to it quick enough. This is a hobby and it should be a fun one but some authors seem to forget that. 

Email: My policy has always been to not respond to emails when I am not accepting the book for review. Not because I am being rude but, simply, I don't have the time to sit and email every author. I say no far more than I say yes so it would be very time consuming. However, it does not help your case to repeatedly email me about the book. I've said no once. That answer won't change. No means no, people.

I am also making certain changes in my "Preferred Genres".

Highly Preferred Genres: 

  • Historical (esp. Regencies, Highlander, Victorian, Irish, Pirate...anything really)
  • Contemporary
  • Western
  • Paranormal
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Steampunk-Just read my first one good.
  • I have a particular love for romances with particularly bad rakes and rogues. The badder the better.

Preferred Genres

  • Young Adult (mainly paranormal romance)
  • Historical Fiction (limited)
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Horror(limited)
  • Memoirs/Biography (limited)
  • Chick Lit
  • Cookbooks especially about desserts—I am a baker and will bake and review a recipe from the book with photos.

Genres I don’t accept: 

  • Science fiction
  • Self-help
  • Any type of religious or political book
  • Mysteries or Thrillers
  • Straight fantasy
  • anything "mob" related. It's just not my schtick and quite frankly, as an Italian-American, I find most of it offensive. 

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