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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feature and Follow Friday (August 10th)

First of all, I am so sorry that I was unable to comment on any of my lovely commenter's blogs last week. I had a wedding (not mine, of course) last week and I over-estimated my ability to prepare for it. I do not like weddings. It's torture for any person attending who is not the married couple.

I will comment and follow every commenter this week :)

Reviews This Week:

Q: What would you do over if you were to start your blog again from scratch?

I think I would do 3 things differently.
  1. I would start on Blogger. Wordpress just didn't work for me. I knew I needed to change almost immediately but I am a stubborn cuss. 
  2. I would make the blog all prettified from the start. I tried to skate by on the basic stuff early on but it was not at all a reflection of me or what I want this blog to look like. Books Like Breathing has never looked like I wanted it to look until very recently. 
  3. I would (and should) have focused my blog on romance novels immediately. It's what I have always liked to read so I have no idea why I didn't declare it my focus immediately but it definitely is now. 


  1. I used to have a blog on Wordpress so I know exactly what you're talking about. And I'm a lover of romance too!

    My FF New GFC follower!

  2. I'm glad to hear a vote for Blogger as that is what I am using now!

    Following now through GFC! My FF post!

  3. Your site is amazing! That Banner is so beautiful! Good answers, too!
    I'm a new follower, Hooray!
    Stopping by with My FF!

    1. Oh squee! I was your 400th follower! Love rounding out the numbers! ;)

  4. I love your banner and title!!! It's so pretty and inspiring. Great answer by the way ;)

    Here's my answer.

    I am a new follower :)

  5. This site is very pretty :-) and I agree, blogger's a pretty good platform. I tried paying for a website and well...blogger is easier to tweak.
    New follower on GFC
    Katja @ YA's the Word

  6. A lot of bloggers seems to move their blogs to wordpress, but I never had any problem with Blogger, so I'm sticking with it. :) Also I love your layout, it's so pretty! And yay! for sticking with the genre romance, because somethimes I need a good recommendation. (somethimes I love to read out of my comfort zone!) Have a great weekend.

    New follower!

  7. Hi! Happy Friday!

    Ya, I'm really glad I started my blog with blogger from the beginning, I just find it more easy to navigate than wordpress.

    I'm a new follower! Here is my FF post:

  8. First of your banner is so pretty! I couldn't resist!
    I'm glad I started out on blogger rather than wordpresss because I heard wordpress was kind of pain. I'm glad I never switched to wordpress!
    My FF

  9. Great answer. Glad you did everything you wanted to do. =] I wish my blog looked how I wanted but I'm not that techy. New GFC and Twitter follower =] Thanks for sharing and visiting My FF
    Michael @ The Bookshelf Review

  10. Hi! Your answer was great!(: I'm a new blogger! I don't know what the big deal about wordpress is about. It's like the same thing as blogger right? Mind checking out my blog?(: And maybe possibly follow?(x

    New follower!

  11. Great answer, and you have a great blog design!

    Old follower.
    My #FF

  12. I’m glad I dropped by from FF. I am your newest follower.
    My Blog



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