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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bloggiesta 2012

I look forward to Bloggiesta every year because it’s basically my only opportunity to clean up my mess. Yes, the blog looks pretty but behind the scenes, there is chaos and craziness and things that are not finished yet (or even started).

Here is my To Do List of craziness:
  1. Re-do the Review Index (Years only)(link)
  2. Add books to challenges and update the challenge page
  3. Take new bookshelf tour pictures
  4. Catch-up on reviews.
  5. Create a recommended reading list for romance readers
  6. Create a dedicated blog Twitter –my Twitter has become polluted by hockey.
Probably more will be added later.


    1. Great to do list. I'm hosting a mini-challenge this year about policies and disclaimers blogs should have.

      Girl Who Reads

    2. Oh, great list! :D I'm glad you joined, it's going to be awesome.

      My bloggiesta.

    3. It's funny, I used to have a personal Twitter, but now I only use my blog one. But it turns I don't have a lot of non-bookish things to say. ;) Good luck with your goals!

    4. Good luck with all the work! I like the idea of a recommended reading list!

    5. Once I started my dedicated Twitter for my book blog, I also found myself neglecting my personal Twitter feed. I haven't completely given it up yet, but don't really have time for it. Good luck on your list!



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