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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feature and Follow Friday (September 14th)

Reviews Posted This Week:

Q: What hyped up book do you think was not worth all the talk?

Oh boy, it's gonna be a list.

-Fifty Shades of Grey-Yes, I read it. Yes, I liked it. Yes, I wrote a fairly glowing review of it. But I don't get the hype. Much better BDSM erotica has been written. I don't get the controversy and I don't understand why people were so pissed about it. Women like to read about sex. Get over it. I don't have a problem that it was based on Twilight fan fiction though--otherwise I would be equally angry that Cassandra Clare has been published. 
-The Da Vinci Code-It's the singular worst book ever written. I would like to burn it. I don't have a problem with the subject matter but I do have a problem that it's a terribly written piece of crap that everyone but me loves.
-Twilight series-The fan fiction is better written. It is. I can point you out a thousand stories where a fan fiction author took characters that I hated in Twilight and made them likable and believable and created beautiful stories that would leave the source material in the dust.  Stephenie Meyer tripped and fell on a goldmine but otherwise she's a pretty terrible writer whose heroine is obnoxious and whose hero has stalker tendencies. She should have written about the wolves. Actually, strike that, leave it to the fan fiction writers---they do a better job. 


  1. I loved Fifty Shades but I'm not mad you don't get the hype. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Different strokes for different folks. I agree with your Clare comment. I'm guessing not a lot of her fans are aware of her fan fict controversy.

    100% Agree with Twilight. Yes, the fan ficts are MUCH better.

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  4. Just saying hi! New blogger doing this meme for the first time. Congrats on being featured!

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  5. 50 Shades, I haven't read it myself but I guess the hype comes from, well, the sex scenes and maybe even the fact that it's a fan-fic.

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  6. I picked 50 Shades of Grey too.

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  7. Lol! Yep, Twilight! But I did liked the first three books in the series. Okay, I have to admit I haven't read the last book. My best friend ruined it for me and who would want to read about Jacob feeling a connection with a baby? A baby? Seriously!

    J'adore Happy Endings

  8. Twilight is actually my pick for it this week XD I am not planning to go anywhere near Fifty Shades to be honest- the type of book it is doesn't interest me in the slightest.

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  9. Twilight is my pick for this week's question too! It is so terrible! And I agree with the Da Vinci Code. I used to love it, but then I read it again and saw the movie and thought...what a stupid plot!

    Anyway, I want to say that I LOVE THE GRAPHIC AT THE TOP OF YOUR PAGE. What a beautiful illustration! Who did that for you??

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  10. I agree! :0
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  11. LOL -- good answer. Thanks for hopping! XOXO - Parajunkee

  12. Whoa, you've got some strong opinions :) Nothing wrong with that. Being passionate about books is never a bad thing.

    I haven't read 50 Shades of Grey, but like you, I've got no problem with it, and seeing nothing wrong with anyone reading it.

    I've seen Twilight on a ton of posts, today. I have to say, I feel kind of bad for it, and Stephenie Meyer. I'm certainly not in love with the series, but I just feel like it is really in right now to bash Twilight.

    Not that I think that is what you are doing. I get why people dislike it. Bella really turned out to be kind of whiny, and certainly not the best role model for girls.

    I can't say that I agree with you about The Da Vinci Code, though. Not that I am a mad fan, but when I read it (via audiobook), I was in to it, and didn't feel like it was poorly written.

    But we all have our own opinions, which is what makes reading so awesome. What one reader loves, another hates. It makes for interesting conversations, that's for sure.

  13. Wait, Cassandra Clare is based on Twilight Fanfic? ... I'm so out of the loop!!

    You want to burn The Da Vinci Code?! That's pretty serious 0_0

    I enjoyed your list a lot though!

    1. And I almost never want to burn books. I've even tried to read the book multiple times to see if my opinion changed but it didn't.

      Cassandra Clare was a well known Harry Potter fan fiction author before she started writing books. She was also know for being very badly behaved in the community. You can find most of the hoopla surrounding her fanfic days here. It's pretty terrible.

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  15. well 2 out of 3 I guess. I can really only agree with 50 shades and twilight. I liked the Da Vinci Code, but I guess it was not quite as good as all the hype about it.
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  16. Hi . . new follower via almost everything!!! LOL!! Beautiful Blog :-) . . . I agree with 50 shades but not Twilight . . . I liked the books (well maybe not so much BD!) . . . .its all the hype about the films that has killed it for me . . .



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