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Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Temptation in a Kilt by Victoria Roberts

Temptation in a Kilt (Bad Boys of the Highlands, #1)Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 1402270062
Pages: 352 pages
Genre: Romance/Historical/Highlander
Series: Bad Boys of the Highlands
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She's On Her Way to Safety

It's a sign of Lady Rosalia Armstrong's desperation that she's seeking refuge in a place as rugged and challenging as the Scottish Highlands. She doesn't care about hardship and discomfort, if only she can become master of her own life. Laird Ciaran MacGregor, however, is completely beyond her control...

He Redefines Dangerous...

Ciaran MacGregor knows it's perilous to get embroiled with a fiery Lowland lass, especially one as headstrong as Rosalia. Having made a rash promise to escort her all the way to Glengarry, now he's stuck with her, even though she challenges his legendary prowess at every opportunity. When temptation reaches its peak, he'll be ready to show her how he really is...on and off the battlefield.

My Review:

I was a bit unsure about this one to start with. I have gone against my normal habits and read other reviews of this book and they were so-so but I loved it. I really did.

I loved Rosalia. The only problem I had with her was her rather obnoxious name. Her mother was terrible and her father was a weakling putz. It was brave and smart of her to escape. There was literally nothing that I can nitpick about her. She was the perfectly written heroine. I loved Ciaran. I really did but I also wanted to hit him over the head with a brick. His adherence to his promise to his father made him seem a bit indecisive about his relationship with Rosalia. He needed a big 'ol kick in the head and, thankfully, he got it.

I loved this one. As I said, I was a bit unsure but, thankfully, the the review pollution wasn't so bad and I disagree pretty vehemently with many of the reviews I saw. This book was excellent. It was well written, well plotted and chock full of chemistry. What it lacked in love scenes it made up for in great storytelling. I can't wait for the next book-hopefully about either Declan or James.

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