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Friday, October 26, 2012

Feature and Follow Friday (October 25th)

I obviously didn't get around to blog visiting last week. I ended up with a weekend long migraine but I will this week.

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Reviews Posted This Week:

Q: What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book? For example, if an author employs an omnipotent narrator that is sometimes considered bad form.

This is probably a throwback from my fan fiction days but the thing that most annoys me when I come across it is....Mary Sues (and Gary Stues). You know those over idealized heroines or heroes that can do basically anything, knows everything, is so perfect that every other character is either in awe of or in love with him/her and are obviously the author living out his/her every dream. Whenever I come across one, I am tempted to shred the book page by page. I see this mostly in paranormal romance and YA. 


  1. True! It's a little bit too much.

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  2. Perfect characters are irritating. And unbelievable! ;)

    J'adore Happy Endings

  3. You have a beautiful banner! (just sayin')

    Mary Sues seem to be all so common in a lot of romances and even other genres, even though it's the most cliched "error" authors make, the thing they're always warned away from (in my experience). You think writers could have caught on by now! New GFC follower. :)

    Kat @ A Myriad of Books

  4. Hi! I agree with you for sure, the heroine needs some vulnerability, some flaws...something to make them not perfect. Because I don't like to read about perfect people with perfect lives.
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  5. Love the answer!

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  6. So true! I stop reading because it gets so annoying!

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  7. I agree - and since the secret is out in the open - about how much they are hated, I hope the writers would stop using them once & for all.

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  8. I agree! I remember them very unhappily from fanfiction.

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  9. Completely agree with you! Old GFC follower- thanks for stopping by my blog!
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    ~Caitlin :)

  10. Great answer! No one likes perfection, it's unrealistic and uninteresting! A character's flaws are what make them lovable and what brings them to life!
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