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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: One Fine Fireman by Jennifer Bernard

One Fine Fireman (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, #0.5)Publisher: Avon Impulse
ISBN: 006225796X
Pages: 208 pages
Genre: Romance/Contemporary
Series:  The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel-1,2,3
Challenges: 100 Books In A Year 2012, Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge 2012Romance Reading Challenge 2012, E-book Reading Challenge 2012
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Kirk, aka Thor, one of San Gabriel’s infamous Bachelor Firemen, certainly lives up to his nickname. He’s tall, handsome, and has a chiseled body worthy of any Viking god. But he’d give it all up for one glance from her.

Sweet, shy Maribel has no idea he’s been pining for her. There’s nothing he’d like better than to sweep her off her feet and show her just how exquisite their love could be. But Kirk has a secret and he won’t let anyone get close, least of all the sexiest woman he’s ever met.

Can a feisty little dog and an even feistier little boy help these star-crossed lovers to find the true love they both so richly deserve?

My Review:

Jumping into a series in the middle makes me nervous and I am doing that with this one. But how can I say no to a fireman hero? It's borderline impossible. 

Maribel was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I liked her but she had certain aspects of her character that just didn't work for me. For instance, what type of mother hears her child say that he/she doesn't like the man she is determined to marry and disregards it? Her son wasn't being petty. He was genuinely concerned because her fiancée made it clear that he didn't give a crap about him.  She acted like her marriage would only effect her. You have to wonder, would she take it seriously if her kid was being abused? Kirk almost made up for the borderline fail that was Maribel. I loved that he was the one with the crush first. He was gentle and soft-spoken. Not at all what I was expecting but definitely welcome.

I did like this book even with my issues with Maribel and her stupid determination to marry Duncan despite his neglect of her and her son, her son's dislike of her fiancée and the better option staring her in the face. I just wanted to shake her. I did love Kirk. He was almost the perfect hero. I did like the fireman thing. Kirk may be my first ever fireman hero but I like it. In spite of my dislike of the heroine, I was truly impressed with Jennifer Bernard's writing style and storytelling abilities. I will definitely be checking out the rest of this series. I really did enjoy this one. 

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  1. I loved this book. I also just had the pleasure of reading the eARC of Sex and the Single Fireman that will release in January. It is my favorite of the series so far! Was awesome!



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