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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Book Blogger Love-a-Thon Interview with Michelle from Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks

Ugh. I missed the Book Blogger-Love-A-Thon (hosted by Katelyn at Kate's Tales of Books and Bands and Alexa from Alexa Loves Books). I had to bring my computer in to Best Buy because the wireless card went and died and my ancient iPad is barely capable of tweeting. But anywho, here is my interview with the lovely Michelle of Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks.

When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2009 after I graduated from college. It was summer and I was trying to find a job and I was worried unemployment. To keep my mind off my worries, I read a lot and after each book I looked online for book recommendations. I kept finding book blogs and I thought "how awesome to have a blog all about books?" So, I started my own blog, invited my sister Leslie to be my blog partner and our blog was born.

What was one of the best blogging days you've ever had? One of the worst?
I don't have one particular best blogging day, but days when I can type out a book review in 30 minutes because I know just what to say and how to say it are always the best blogging days. 

The worst? When I had a blogging slump for over two weeks in December last year. I didn't feel like reading the pile of review books I had (I just wanted to read for fun, which I did) and blogging felt like a chore. Fortunately, I got out of my blogging funk.

Do you have a blog post that you are particularly proud of?
Umm... I'm not proud of it per se, but I do like the post I wrote about "switching to the dark side" and buying an e-reader. When I wrote that post, I was still a bit on the fence about e-readers and I said I might eventually love reading on my Kindle. Well, less than a year later, I love it, my e-book collection is rapidly growing (much to my wallet's dismay) and I even upgraded to a Kindle Fire earlier this year.

If there is one piece of advice you could give a new blogger, what would it be?
Book blog because you love books and you love sharing your opinions about the books you read or books you're excited about--don't book blog for any other reason beside that.

Lightning Round:
Favorite Book- For romance: Something About You by Julie James. For YA: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (a recent favorite that made me cry like a baby and feel all the **feels**)
Favorite TV Show- Modern Family
Pet Peeve- People who spit in public or in public spaces. Gross.
Coffee or Tea- Tea.
Paper book or ebook- Both.
If a genie granted me three wishes, they would be:
-My student loans to disappear.
-Find a good-paying, full-time job right away after I graduated from library school.
-For my parents to be healthy and happy in their old age.

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