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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guest Post: Sophie Jordan's Top 5 Heroes

The Earl in My Bed (Forgotten Princesses, #2.5)Hi, everyone! To celebrate the release of my latest novella, THE EARL IN MY BED, I thought I’d feature my favorite romantic heroes … aside of my hero Jamie, the hero in THE EARL IN MY BED, of course, who is a bit like a combination of Rochester and Darcy (two other awesome heroes). You can fall in love with him yourself in my novella. Now…ready?

Sophie’s Top 5 most romantic heroes!

Captain America. Need I say more? He’s a super hero and hot and incredibly noble … and I can’t wait until his upcoming movie, The Winter Soldier, when he gets to meet the love of his life. I’m assuming he will, of course. Because he really, really needs one.

Bourne in Sarah MacLean’s A Rogue By Any Other Name. Why? Yummy factor aside, he’s the perfect alpha hero. Jaded, baggage-ridden, there’s this scene where he and the heroine come face to face after years apart (they used to be best friends), and she sees how hard he’s become. Instead of her old, dear friend, he’s shockingly harsh with her … and he does this one thing that makes you gasp (and yes, I reread that part a few times), and you’re like, “wow – I want to see this guy on his knees later”. And Ms. MacLean delivers on that promise. GREAT hero! A must read!

Gannicus in the TV series, Spartacus. Gladiator hotness aside … the guy laughs in battle. Seriously! Gotta love that. He’s always smiling and has this devil-may-care attitude (except when he goes all intense). He drinks too much and acts like he doesn’t give a damn (but he does, of course – you see it in his eyes) and suffers from having lost the woman he loved long ago, but he’s honorable to the core. He’s got a revolving bedroom door, but when he meets this sweet wide-eyed innocent woman (in the current season of the show), he tries to keep her at arm’s length. He warns her off of him and doesn’t take advantage of her. Of course, you know he’s met the love of his life and these two are destined for each other. Sigh. Here he is:
Image courtesy of The Morton Report

Aaron Cross from The Bourne Legacy. Yes, I love a hero who can fight (I sorta keep coming back to that trait, don’t I?). He mesmerizes me in those fight scenes. A genetically-enhanced soldier/spy, of course he’s the total package – even if he’s always running for his life. He’s honorable to the core (notice how that is a common requisite?), smart, always there in time to save the girl, and oh-so swoon-worthy.

Reece, the hero in my current WIP, Foreplay (set to hit shelves this November). Foreplay is the first book in my new adult trilogy. Reece is a twenty-three-old bad boy bartender who rocks my heroine’s world (a shy, never-been-kissed 19 year-old wallflower). He screams bad boy with all his tats and muscles and a sexy eyebrow piercing, but of course there’s more depth and layers (and yep … honor) to him, as my heroine quickly realizes.

I had to cut this list to five because really, I could go on and on.  Now your turn! Who are some of your favorite heroes?

Happy reading,

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  1. Hello Sophia~ my gosh, I agree I can go on and on about my favorite romance heroes. I have a whole list full of them and sadly I can't even remember all of them unless I re-read their book so they can bring me back to them. >.<
    Bourne of course from Sara MacLean's A Rogue by Any Other Name is also on my list. Her other hero Nicholas St. John from Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord is also there.
    Sylvester "Devil" Cynster in Devil's Bride by Stephanie Laurens. He was my first love in her series and really got me loving romance so he has to be here.
    Lord Alec Deveril in How to Romance a Duke by Manda Collins. He's so sweet!
    Lord Adrian Smythe in Lord and Lady Spy by Shana Galen. I love a man who can throw a punch and lose to a Lady!
    And of course it's so hard to choose a hero from Julia Quinn's cast, so all of them!



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